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Hey! Very dark and brooding piece - it definitely feels like I'm heading deep under the sea, so that's a good start!

You can see from the waveform that the piece is lacking somewhat in dynamics, and when listening to it I get the feeling that you've got some compressors pushing the track a little unnecessarily hard, particularly at the beginning. That first minute could be building up, but right from the start I can hear some mid-frequency fuzz from your bass notes that could probably be cleaned by some EQ, and leave some more space for other instruments to come in later.

I'd also like to hear some percussion building atmosphere as the intro progresses. The clicky-pluck sort of sound is all you've got going there, and it gets quite noticeable as the track progresses. Maybe some nice orchestral-style percussion would help build the tension with booming kicks, punchy reverbed snares, and allow for big moments of release during any breakdown sections you might add in, with crash cymbals and reverb/delay.

Overall a solid start, hope you can finish it :)

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