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I can see my YouTube suggestions are all gonna be Mega Man music now ­čść

Very cool change of style for this one, I'm really digging it. The jazzier feel works really well for this source tune. I notice in your description that it's not your usual style, but you definitely nailed it.

Once again, for me the stand-out part was the solo from 1:16-1:32. I can hear it in the source tune, but it really sounds great with your instrumentation.

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Thanks again for thoughts and feedback! Also one of my most "out of style" tracks, but was very fun and creative trying something different. I also thought this style fit the original quite good, so why not go with that :)

Thanks for mentioning the solo, I'm happy with how it turned out. I'm originally a guitarist and my music is very based on how you play guitar, even though I never pick up my guitar when writing music, my musical ear is undoubtedly developed in a more "guitarish" direction and therefore my soloes is somewhat adapted to be played on guitar.

Once again, thanks for listening!

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