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During the creation of this I remade it several times. First when I got the refrain as that funky groove I decided to go all in on that funk lane.

Having my mind on a futuristic weapon manufacturing process and that art of Mega Man when he has cables connected to him I was inspired to a more funky/synthy piece than usual. Combining that thought with vibes from classic 80s TV commercial songs I knew exactly what I was looking for.

After a bit tweaking with rhythmic details and variations I was finally happy with how the remix sounded.

I hope you can groove along until the end! There is small unique details throughout this whole piece. Let the machinery begin!

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Oooh, this is nice and funky - great choice of chord choices to keep the track nice and fresh. The little melodic flourishes are pretty excellent, too. Could use a little more stereo separation to give the track the illusion of space better, but it otherwise sounds pretty slick.

Nice work on this.

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