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Operation Europe Attack Theme - Orchestral Arrangement


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I love the idea of staging music and receiving audience feedback! While I already submitted for OCRemix review (newbie to the forum), it is very constructive to receive your feedback! Edit: Maybe I can rework it? Send your impressions and feedback please!

Here's my arrangement: Yuji Ohno's (Koei) Operation Europe Attack Theme. I remember always wanting to start an attack (even a futile one) just to hear this song. Whenever the computer attacked first, I was bummed - sometimes I reloaded a save to change some timings hahaha! While the game hasn't aged well, the battle theme still packs a punch.


For reference, here's the original SNES version: https://youtu.be/LCeG7L4fHPA?t=304


I welcome your likes and suggestions! I stayed mostly true to the song; added some harmonic parts and rhythm to progress the flow. Enjoy and thanks for listening!



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Hey there, welcome to the forums! Firstly, thanks for posting feedback on other mixes too - it's always nice to give someone else a kind word when you're looking for feedback yourself.

Cool choice of source tune - it's kind of a banger! I've never heard of this game, and I love to see people tackling more obscure games. Very interesting style you've chosen as well - it's got orchestral instrumentation, yet the drums sound very rock-like in their sequencing and tempo. Typically with orchestral arrangements, the percussion takes more of a back seat in the mix and is there for emphasis, but here you've got it front and centre. The kick seems kinda lacking punch, however once the strings and brass come in, there's a lot of low frequency content there which would be fighting with a more pronounced kick drum, so that actually works out ok.

You know, listening a couple more times, I'm reminded of a track from Unreal Tournament on a 'D-Day' style level, where it uses a lot of orchestral elements, but also some prominent percussion. Have a listen here:

That track's 22 years old at least, but I think the style really works there, incorporating some urgent percussion with some nice dynamics in the orchestral elements, and some tasteful synth work as well.

Right now, I'd say your track is caught in two minds about whether it wants to be orchestral or rock, and it's not such a cohesive arrangement. The drums seem to be taking all the focus away from the other parts.

Would you consider this track finished, since it's submitted, or would you be willing to revisit it? If it were me, I'd choose one style and go for that. Either rock, with bass and electric guitars to go along with the drums, or orchestral, and only use percussion for emphasis (timpani rolls, crash cymbals, etc).

Anyway, cool track and I enjoyed listening!

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Great constructive criticism DarkSim. As a passionate hobbyist, I keep a relatively open mind listening to others, especially in a medium I'm quite novice at. At the very least, it may be inspirational - with luck, could even workout to be a collaboration!

Yes I agree the tempo punches of the drums feel like Rock as opposed to orchestra. I tried to bring out the kick significantly but still it tends to get lost with the low brass, double bass, and other strings. 
Unreal tournament, that takes me back too! I see it fits the theme; nice analogy.

I was going for a modernized 'military marching cadence' style like I tried for a different project - which may work better since there are sweeping choral/instrumental parts. But with fast tempo, syncopations, and constant drumming - I can see it takes away from the rest in this piece. 

There is a pretty awesome rock style that I couldn't possibly top https://youtu.be/SM4gp-S5jg4, part of the inspiration to make this piece, so I'll have to make some refinements to the orchestral side.


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On 11/12/2021 at 6:03 AM, CalloftheJay said:

As a passionate hobbyist, I keep a relatively open mind listening to others, especially in a medium I'm quite novice at. At the very least, it may be inspirational - with luck, could even workout to be a collaboration!

That's the best attitude to have!

That Urban Warfare theme you linked is a really good tune! I think that 1945 Overture one of yours definitely has more of a cohesive feel about it as well. Nice job :)

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