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  1. Great constructive criticism DarkSim. As a passionate hobbyist, I keep a relatively open mind listening to others, especially in a medium I'm quite novice at. At the very least, it may be inspirational - with luck, could even workout to be a collaboration! Yes I agree the tempo punches of the drums feel like Rock as opposed to orchestra. I tried to bring out the kick significantly but still it tends to get lost with the low brass, double bass, and other strings. Unreal tournament, that takes me back too! I see it fits the theme; nice analogy. I was going for a modernized 'military marching cadence' style like I tried for a different project - which may work better since there are sweeping choral/instrumental parts. But with fast tempo, syncopations, and constant drumming - I can see it takes away from the rest in this piece. There is a pretty awesome rock style that I couldn't possibly top https://youtu.be/SM4gp-S5jg4, part of the inspiration to make this piece, so I'll have to make some refinements to the orchestral side.
  2. I love the idea of staging music and receiving audience feedback! While I already submitted for OCRemix review (newbie to the forum), it is very constructive to receive your feedback! Edit: Maybe I can rework it? Send your impressions and feedback please! Release Here's my arrangement: Yuji Ohno's (Koei) Operation Europe Attack Theme. I remember always wanting to start an attack (even a futile one) just to hear this song. Whenever the computer attacked first, I was bummed - sometimes I reloaded a save to change some timings hahaha! While the game hasn't aged well, the battle theme still packs a punch. For reference, here's the original SNES version: https://youtu.be/LCeG7L4fHPA?t=304 Feedback I welcome your likes and suggestions! I stayed mostly true to the song; added some harmonic parts and rhythm to progress the flow. Enjoy and thanks for listening! Cheers, CalloftheJay
  3. Production value is top notch. I have no doubt here that this is OCRemix material. It's not my type of tune/style, but I could get into it!
  4. Hi, OCRemix community. Long time fan but first time account holder. MUSIC INSPIRES I have zero classical music/composition training, but love the power of the orchestra. Nostalgia plus that modernized 'epic' feeling is magically motivating. Why OCRemix? Despite having soundcloud and youtube accounts, I don't have a music community connection in my life. As music is a big part of what makes me happy, I thought I should fix this. Don't know why it took so long to recall this community, but alas here I am. Hoping I'm not too late and OCRemix is still going strong. Where is my stuff? I go by CalloftheJay for music stuff. Unique so it's easy to google it. I submitted my remix of Operation Europe Attack Theme recently! Hoping OCRemix moderators and community like my material to encourage me to do more! Cheers, CalloftheJay
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