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Chun Li: Lady Dragon 🐉 (Akidna Remix🐲) Street Fighter


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Hey, welcome to OCR! I see you've marked this mix as "ready for review", which means I'll be listening with an extra critical ear. With that in mind, here are my thoughts:

Love the opening sfx, and the vocal pad sounds pretty good, although could do with being a bit brighter to give a more airy, open feel to the soundscape.

When the melody comes in at 0:38, the lead is just too weak to carry it. The percussion is very detailed and varied, but it's too far forward in the mix, and is dominating over the lead. You could probably fix that by dialling back the volume on the percussion, and maybe layering the lead to help it punch above the rest of the instrumentation. The melody should be the most prominent thing in the mix, so make sure it's got enough punch to it.

The break at 1:37 is again a little light on the higher frequency content, similar to the intro, which gives it a damp feel, when I'd expect it to be brighter.

Overuse of the same 'Hey!' SFX is very noticeable at 2:17 and 2:50 - consider choosing some other samples to mix in and using them a little more sparingly.

This track has a really interesting texture, using lots of percussion and scratch effects to create a rich backdrop, however the key melodic elements are falling short as-is. I'd definitely go back to it and address that as a major issue, and then make a few more tweaks as I suggested regarding pads and samples. Would love to hear this improved!

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Thanks for your detailed constructive advice, 

Indeed your right on all points, I actually mixed this in headphones with an ear that I just had to have surgery on and I'll be honest I rushed through it just to put something out to soon. Its funny to because just a few years ago I graduate form UBC in Vancouver and about a month after let it all go due to depression that set in, but here i am today and decided that this track was going to be my starting point lol. You notes will be my starting point, but I going to give my ear some time to heal for a week or so and I will mixes this down again with your suggestion as my footnotes in what direction to go in and I will post back here with an update to the mix. Its never good to by ones ears alone and base everything by ones understanding in what they believe to be a good mix that why I posted this for review, I know that there was some room for improvement, thanks again.

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