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This is another attempt at this remix, and since my last attempt, I have:

Procured some synths as they have gone on sale. Hopefully the new sounds are more pleasing. I also automated various parameters on them. In addition, I applied more layering of synths.

I had two choirs at the beginning with different attack values, I removed the one with the slower attack. I also altered the "voice" part at 1:49

I have applied compression on a per track basis, as opposed to on the master. The master bus does have a limiter on it, but I didn't push it very hard (I think).

I also removed the vocal/vocode part mentioned, and also added a couple "splashes" of the walkabout theme from the first Dragon Warrior game to increase the percentage of game music content. Those splashes are heard at 20-26, and 1:28-1:35.

The part at 42-55 is based on the second walkabout theme in DW2, albeit very loosely. Thought I would point it out, and even then, I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't considered an interpretation of the source material. Previous 8 bar melody based on DW2.

I lowered the volume and did EQ changes on the hats so they don't take up as much room. Also altered velocity and panning on hats.

I did some small frequency cuts and boosts to try to make things more clear, and to give instruments more room against each other. Also tried to remove resonances.

I still kept the arrangement largely as is. One of the judges compared this to older remixes arrangement wise, and I take that as a compliment. I like the older ones:) I did change some of the instrumentation, however.

I spent what I think is too much time on the bass drum and snare you hear here. I tried to give them a little more meat, and there's like, 6 effects on each of those tracks. I probably put in a lot of work for something that won't be as well received as I hope it will;)

I have just submitted this version (I have updated the file on this post a couple times), on 12-7.

Thanks ahead of time for any feedback anyone might have!








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