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Waverace 64


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Yeah, the title theme is great; I'd imagine that you've heard the punk remix that was done for the gamecube version? I'm listening to the midi now...thinking what kind of style it would lend itself to.

The tempo is a little fast for trance; it's more dnb speed. I dunno; I'll play around with it and see what I come up with.

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Yeah, it's kinda a hidden thing. *consults IGN*

First, on the options screen, hold X, Z, and press start to open the Password screen. Then enter DLPHNMOD. It'll unlock the "ride the dolphin" mode in Dolphin Park, complete with a short punk rendition of the Wave Race tune (it's like a minute and a half loop).

I just listened to it; it's pretty basic, just a guitar soloing the tune over some punk chugs and a simple beat. It's still fun to listen to though. :)

And Pi_R_, I've never heard a midi made of the punk style.

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