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LIVE! - YouTube Premiere of "Zelda Fantasia" (Legend of Zelda)


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Hello Everyone!

Hope you all have a Happy New Year!

You and your videogame music friends are all invited to a special YouTube Live Premiere of a new Orchestral Arrangement: Zelda Fantasia, a piece for Orchestra and Choir.  It is an arrangement centred around Zelda's Lullaby, one of the most iconic melodies from the whole LoZ series, and accompanied by footage from various titles in the series!  the Link (pun intended, lol 😜 ) to the event will be uploaded to the event page, so do keep an eye on it! 😊  See you there to welcome in 2022! :)


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Well, looks like we had pretty similar ideas to welcome the new year...
Stumbled upon your post here since it was just next to my yesterday's album release of "Metroid: Organ Transplants"! :-D 

Love your arrangement --- the Fi theme in particular, but also how you managed to weave in the ALBW themes!
The video cut was nice and supportive to the music as well.

Happy New Year, Ben!

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