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Kirby's Dream Land - The Rise of Dedede

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This is my very first remix of a theme that's originally from Game Boy. Since my last two remixes (from Earthbound and A Link To The Past) I kind of got stuck in combining more than one song in one remix, it put much creativity into works and makes it a bit more challenging. This remix contains three songs from Kirby's Dream Land, and I have built the remix as follows:

0:00 - Mt Dedede intro
0:38 - Roasted Sweet Potato Shooting & Title theme variation
0:49 - Title theme variation
1:00 - Mt Dedede
1:11 - New solo part (based on the Title theme)
1:33 - Mt Dedede
1:39 - Title theme variation
1:54 - Mt Dedede outro

About the remix itself. It's has the highest bpm of any of my previous remixes: 179 bpm. Very fast and high paced, which in turn makes it quite intense. That is why some the parts in there plays in half tempo to calm things down a bit. I'm always true to the original pace which in this case is based on the theme of Mt Dedede. 

The bass line from the original was really awesome, so I put some work on it and developed it a bit further, then took it down to something more groovy and funky for the solo part and outro part. And speak of the solo part, I took some time to modify a new variation of my signature lead synth at 1:23 which I was really hyped about. I will use it much more in future remixes.

Oh I forgot to mention the initial "crash" sound. That is an original SFX from Kirby's Dream Land which plays when you're flying on the star towards Mt Dedede and crashes into the castle at the top of the mountain. 

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Nice energetic track and I really liked how you blended different themes and variations together. The solo part was also well done. Production is punchy and clean, though the hi-hat sound sticked out a bit too much for my taste and started to get irritating. I'd cut out some of the top end or choose a different sample to make it bit less sharp. Good work!

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