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Street Fighter 6

Meteo Xavier

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Really? No one's posting about it here? Ocremix has always been Street Fighter-heavy!

Anyway, unless you live in a cave in Mt. Vesuvius, you've likely heard that CAPCOM has announced Street Fighter 6. CAPCOM writes the following:


A new era for fighting games begins in 2023!

The evolution of fighting games starts with our traditional Fighting Ground, and then we're turning the genre on its head with World Tour and Battle Hub for a total of three modes where anyone can play to their liking.

With Street Fighter 6, players will be able to take their skills around the world in search of their own personal strength.

No one starts off as a champion. You get there step by step, punch by punch.

The world of Street Fighter 6 is all about the street culture. From the graffiti, to the music that beats while you hustle, and to the fight itself. You'll also experience a new graphical quality that'll let you really feel the dynamics of your body.

Dive into battle against other players.
It's like a rhythm and dance that doesn't stop.

The Street Fighter series has always been about smart evolution and stunning innovation. With highly evolved graphics, you'll be able to feel the real dynamics and tension of each fight scene.

The new combat system, complete with controls that let you truly enjoy fighting and the back-and-forth of battle, will allow players to enjoy fights in line with their skill level.

Take up the challenge and bring your game to the next level.

And here's a gameplay trailer showcasing the return of the greatest American hero  ̶M̶e̶t̶e̶o̶ ̶X̶a̶v̶i̶e̶r̶  Guile.


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I’m liking what I’ve seen so far and I can’t wait to try it next year. Between them going back to the hip-hop vibe they were at on Street Fighter 3, the story finally moving past 3rd Strike, being colorful and looking impactful during hits, it looks good.

The drive-gauge mechanic will take a little figuring out, but once I do it seems like fun. It seems good, but you just never know with fighting games until it’s in your hands and you can feel it for yourself.

The only thing that bums me out is the roster list, both revealed and potentially leaked. Great for other fans I’m sure, but the only character I play that’s confirmed is Chun-li, with only one other character I like just being rumored and potentially late DLC. Placing hope that the new characters are fun. But if not, that’s fine. Only the game itself and Chun-li has to be fun and I’ll be sold.

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