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I need an MIDI file...


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...Does anyone know of where I can find an MIDI of Whip Rush(old Sega game)'s "Drive out the intruders" stage? The chord progression has been difficult to figure out.

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: Apparently, I'm not supposed to post for asking for MIDIs, just asking for ReMixes.

Is there a place to ask for MIDIs? If so, could the powers-that-be move this to there?

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These are .vgz files of the game. I dont know if there are utilities that can convert vgz to midi. But its the best to do it by ear, like using winamp plugins (or standalone players) that have the channel disable feature. So you can filter your channel out and analyse it.

If you dont have a vgz plugin you can download it from anywhere, the site has it too though.

Good luck!

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