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  1. How did I miss this? Thanks everyone Happy Birth Day Bahamut! Didn't even know we were born on the same day .
  2. still here Brandon :) but not as usual.

  3. I like this game. At first at thought the game AND the soundtrack will suck just judging the first trailer. But they improved alot since then. The game is really fun to play. Sure it isn't made by a Japanese company (RIP Technos)but it has Bimmy and Jimmy and Megaman as a boss. Oh and if you duck seven times between two tomb stones at some point you will get an annoying yet helpful ally. 7/10
  4. Just letting you know that I'll post a WIP on KNGI forums tomorrow.
  5. Thanks for the kind words.

    Sorry for the late reply. I don't check my OCr PM box that often. The lead guitar is just a sampled guitar from Prominy Fender Stratocaster with Guitarrig 4for Amp and abit of delay. Try using Guitarrig 4 (i think it was preset 80's solo) as a amp sim for your guitar.

  6. Thanks Chandler. Glad to hear you liked it. :)

  7. Heating up Chill Penguin will take longer than expected... I personally don't mind early March. Better take your time for this Bahamut & co.
  8. WIP sent. Check your PM box, The Joker & pu_freak
  9. Its sad to see sites like this selling Albums and tracks that are free to people. The saddest part is that people actually pay for these albums not knowing they can get them for free. Otherwise these websites won't even exist.
  10. I am currently watching Zenki now. I downloaded all the eps some years ago never had the chance to watch it until now. Beginning is boring but it gets pretty good later. Underrated but good.
  11. Cool, groovy, crispy, chip mix. Like it. Good job Gario
  12. Quick change the topic's name to Sonic 4 ep II.
  13. Didn't Eminem made a track with some Soul Calibur II BGM. I thought it sounded similar. Track is called Hellbound.
  14. I'll post a WIP for you two to listen to soon enough.
  15. Wow.. I really am jealous at you guys. I could have met some OCR people. Sucks to live in Europe and not having enough time to go. Well Tensei lives in the same country as I so maybe I should ask him how he planned all of this. I got 27 days to spend this year though . Any cool events planned this year?
  16. Glad OCremix got its youtube account back. Speaking of youtube. They changed the layout again. I don't know what to think of it though.
  17. I can't wait to hear what you guys did with this track. It better be as solid as concrete
  18. So Emunator, any updates regarding this project? How is everything going? Need Help? -Cheers.
  19. Nice and as always a crystal clear remix from Will.
  20. My tracks are already mastered when i sent them to Bahamut. Don't wait for me. So how is the project going? Any news about website, trailer or estimate release date?
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