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The Lighthouse (Golden Sun: Wintery Imil)

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I'm not firm with the music of the Golden Sun series, but if that's the OST, you have really made a lot out of this one:

You've got quite a hand for epic, dynamic and orchestral compositions. ))

Really good composition ideas, clean mixing, really good staging and use of the 3 dimensions.

As I remember correctly, you use a VST plugin with digital microphone settings for each instrument track to create a spatial mix with lots of depth?
I remember that I posted a thread on how creating a realistic imagination of depth in mixes some time ago and I also mentioned the method of using different microphone positions in order to achieve this, but I never really thought about using VST plugins with different microphone settings at this point - it seems to work fine.

Do you have to set the pre-delay in addition to the microphone VST plugin or does the virtual distance setting of the microphone include the pre-delay in the same step with the distance value?

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