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Steel Harbor

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Man I love Metal Harbor. It's one of my favorite Sonic songs.

Okay let's see what we got here. Panning at the beginning is'nt very good. I would'nt pan the guitar all the way to one side. It does'nt sound that bad when you listen to it on external speakers, but when you listen to it on ear phones, on one side it's just nothing. Makes me think my earphones are broken.

I like it at 0:08 where the song really starts. The only problem is you just leave it like that and don't make much changes. I would at least expect some drums to come in before the guitar melody starts at 0:17.

And that's another problem: drums. There are basically none in this. There is that snare-drumish thing at the end, but that is'nt supplying your song with much of a beat. I think your song would sound a lot better once you get some percussion going in your song, cause it sounds pretty empty right now.

The only other thing that could be worked on is it sounds pretty similar to the original. You may want to change some parts, add some original stuff, etc.

So, this is a pretty decent start. The main things you need to fix are:

*put in some percussion

*don't make it sound exactly like the original

And I know you said this is an early WIP, so don't take any of this stuff too harshly. Just doing my best job to help.

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