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Final Fantasy IX - Cleyra's Rebirth (Arrangment of Cleyra's Settlement)

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This is a remix of Cleyra's theme from Final Fantasy IX in an ethereal style. The original song is a short minimal piece, so I decided to expand upon it by adding a varied range of instruments, including a set of rhodes pianos. My influences include the works of Brian Eno on ambient music and drone soundscapes, the ethereal wave band Cocteau Twins and Thom Brennan's new age compositions.



Cleyra's Settlement, originally composed by Nobuo Uematsu for Final Fantasy IX (Square, 2000). 

Arranged by me. 

Hope you enjoy! 


Edited by Janet Wallace
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Really enjoy the textures created on this one.

Each time you return to the beginning of the loop, I like that you are making it feel like you're increasing the fullness or intensity in some way.  Just be careful that it doesn't get too big on each return, I kept thinking you might get some artifacts of compression or clipping in those spots because it gets much louder and fuller.

Consider adding some modulation to the pads ie automating a filter sweep or using an LFO to control some of the parameters of the synth to add more movement to the instrument.

As far as the arrangement goes, it's structurally very close to the source tune.  Next time, consider adding a bit more of yourself to the track.  Maybe it could be a new original countermelody or new original section of the song.  Maybe it could be a variation in the rhythm of the melody?  Try something and see what happens, something magical could come from it!

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