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Final Fantasy 9 Esto Gaza Deephouse remix

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Welcome to the forums @Nicole Tanner

It's very nice and exciting to see first-time posts from long-time followers.

I did a very quick listen through and I agree with what you said, there is one big thing that would not work out. 


 Under Section 4. Arrangement:

  • Submissions must not include any sampled audio, including sound effects, from material owned by Square Enix or its subsidiaries.

Aside from the sound effects it does sound like the original sliced up in the background as well.  This is well done but would not work as a submission, not everything needs to be submitted.

This is a sweet vibe though, and thank you for sharing.  I hope you post more things in the future :)

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I really love how chill this is.  I realize it’s a WIP but there are some minor things you can do to make it feel more polished.  I’ll give more details later but the big picture is that there are subtle changes in percussion you can add/remove/modify to make it more alive.  First, don’t change the main kick and snare - that being mostly static gives stability to the piece.  The mid percussion (hand percussion and guirro) could have variation of velocity/length/ and maybe some pitch.  Additionally slightly humanizing it so sometimes it hits slightly before/after will make it sound more alive.  There are some tools that help do this (or you can play it live).  How you panned some of the mid percussion, and didn’t over do it is correct and sounds good.


I like the subtle transitions, it sounds right.


If there is anything I can do to help, I’d love to!  FF9 is a great game with an awesome OST and EDM is my jam!  I think the funk feel is perfect.  Feel free to jump into discord and ping me.  I’m looking forward to the next version.

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