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A further problem with attached audio file uploads in the comment fields

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Heyo, this one might be a more difficult mission for the almighty IT mage @DarkeSword...

The problem is this:
If I want to reuse an audio file I've already uploaded at OC Remix (and which is stored as an attachment under "Other Media" >>> "Insert existing attachment" at the lower right corner of the comment field when you are writing a comment) in a new comment, the audio file will be inserted in the comment, but you can't play it.

It totally works with other uploaded attachments such as images and even movie files, but not with audio files.


Maybe you can use some sort of IT Esuna magic to fix this issue.

You can check out the specific problem in this thread at the audio file number 6 towards the end of my very last comment from May 05, 2024 (I've tagged you there):


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