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OCR01590 - *YES* Highway Hunter 'Fast Cars, Russian Cigars'


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Here it is. Straight from PRC something or other.

Remixer name: bladiator

Real name: Karl Harmdierks

email: bladiator@juno.com

website: bladiator.vgpiano.com ... sorta. I haven't updated it since I made it.

Game remixed: Highway Hunter

Song remixed: road 8

I really don't know much about the game, even after some (brief) googling. Here is the track though.



I hadn't done a remix in a really long time, not to mention a PRC, so I decided to give it everything I had. This is reminiscent of Moontang although it's more screeching violin rather than slow melodic. The intro was supposed to sorta lead the listener off-track by giving it a rather French street corner amour, and then jump right into the frantic melody and the accordian player in the background who wants his chance in the limelight but usually is overshadowed by the violinists so he makes up for it by playing wild chromatic runs.

Tell me if there is any other info you need for this, but as it stands, I was hard pressed to find it either.



The sample quality was bleh and the instrumentation makes it feel too similar to Blad's Final Fantasy 8 mix "Moontang", but the arrangement's too coo [sic], and the various samples are used fairly well. Very excellent arrangement, Karl.

Wish this sounded more organic, but this is still very nicely put together. And that's all I have to say...about that. Anything that's inspired by Russia gets a free YES!





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