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I'm disheartened that no-one commented on my last two updates. So I've made another new thread in an attempt to attract some attention.

I've made a few changes here and there, nothing that noticeable really, exept the guitar solo, I didn't like the last one so I re-did it substantially.

Link:Oblivion - The Heroes Road REDUX v4

I'd really like some feedback on this one. I know some of you may have heard the original, but I believe this is so much better.

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Although I'm more of a beginner with music-creation I find that your remix has some very cool parts. It's like the original one where the best part is where the Oblivion/Morrowind-theme begins. The rest is a bit "lifeless". I like the strings and the guitar in the theme-parts very much. This reminds me of Nightwish somehow ^^

I write this while hearing your song and I like the part where the theme begins for the first time more and more...

As I try^^ to make my own music/remix I would like to know what guitar you were using. It sounds very cool. Especially with the strings behind...

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I definitely gotta check out SlayerII :D

@topic: As I like the theme-part most you could make the strings a bit louder so that the underscoring effect is more noticeable (I'm thinking of the first time when the theme begins).

btw: I listen to this mix very often now :) - can't understand why noone else posts here...

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your taking a great theme and beating it too hard. I really like this but it needs to be pulled together. try adding another drumline, maybe. give it, obviously, your own touch, but given the song, don't stray TOO far from the original. It's a perfect song as is. Some themes are just perfect for changing, but this one is difficult. It was very nicely made to begin with. You're doing a good job with a hard song to remix. Just tighten it down a little. i think for it's speed it's too long. either speed it up or chop it. around 1:30 and i guess 2:30 (i don't know, the counter's fucked up) there's a few cymbal crashes i think it could do without.

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