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FFMQ - Benjamin's Fight for Life

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Hmm, this is the first time I'm listening to this, so lets see.

That intro synth, as obnoxious as it is, kinda works when all the guitars come in, no wait, scratch that. it stays irritating. Decent guitar tone all around, but you make some mistakes in the playing and you leave out all the cool sounding fancy parts. The mix seems to be more right focused, you should have either mixed in another guitar track to the left, or balanced the levels better.

The drumtrack, while sounding nice, needs to have some more flair, it's too simple and repetitive.

I think the mediocre performance and the mixing problem warrants a NO. Still, a good sounding song, you should rework it.

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This was the shit, dude! Fuck, submit it to VGMix (IF Virt ever gets it running again) or Overlooked. This is too good to just sit in a WIP thread. I cant believe they diddn't pass this. FUCK!!! GODDAMMIT!!! I doubt YOU'RE even as pissed as I am.


I had to get that out.

rework, resubmit. I support this piece. +1 vote from the peanut gallery. C'mon people, help this one out!

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