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How come I didn't get a bag of stuff when I [played space invaders]?

Well you got to hang out with the composers and have pizza afterwards, so you really can't complain.

Well, sounds like I can't go wrong if I decide to go - does anyone have anything negative to say about the show?

I just remember the guy sitting to my left was a complete jerk. Acting all high and mighty because he ran some website.

Serious though, I remember them messing up the Castlevania medley.

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Yeah, the orchestra got out off time (with eachother) during the CV medley, and I think the overall level of tightness and accuracy could have been higher. I think the orchestra got like one practice session tops, which is not enough for this kind of material, but it may also be that the Philly orchestra was weak. I haven't heard similar reports from other cities.

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June 29th, 2007 Washington, DC Kennedy Center National Symphony

June 30th, 2007 Washington, DC Kennedy Center National Symphony

Liontamer brought this date to my attention. I am considering making the trek to this, and I'd love to see many of the people I just saw this past weekend. Anyone else considering this? If so, we should coordinate details early so we can get good seats, preferably in the same section, and make sure we all go on the correct/same day. Tickets go on sale April 11th. Thoughts?

(if nothing else, I can always make the shorter trek to Louisville and see it with Souliarc)

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