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WIP - Phantom Train remix (Final Fantasy 6)


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This is an as of right now untitled remix of of the music that plays on the Phantom Train. If I had to classify it under a genre I would say it's Trip Hop, but I guess it could be a lot of things.

I'm trying to get it to sound like an old, fucked up vinyl record.

Ok well tell me what you think! Constructive criticism is welcome...and all that shit

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its an interesting mix...though i think the way it sounds is ok for a intro to it but the..I donno how to discribe it...like its coming from bad speakers is very pleasant to the ears for a long time...also...the clap..snare..what ever it is...is stabing my ears...back it off, its just to loud and in your face...

like it other than that *thumbs up*

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If I had to classify it under a genre I would say it's Trip Hop

Oh hi. You said the magic words.

Let's see...digging the jazzy rearrangement of the notes of the main melody. When the clip ended I was expecting a huge string swell and Beth Gibbons (or maybe Jill Goldin? :P) to kick in with some smoky vocals. In short - I was grooving with this. Good stuff. Let's hear where you take it next.

(Only thing that threw me is the rimshot sound in the percussion, that tapping that's out of sync with the beat. What's up with that?)

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