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The Lone Gunman

Fan Art Comptition 9: Metroid [Results]

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Something to keep in mind in choosing a theme: the people who HAVEN'T played the games. Since System Shock 2 is such an amazing game, I once considered choosing it as the theme. But many who have not played it would research into the game, revealing major spoilers and such. Then the art would spoil plot details for anyone who votes (or the poor souls who see the art without voting). SS2 is one of those games that EVERYONE SHOULD PLAY. The fact that not everyone knows what it's all about, and that none but those who've played it know anything about the plot, is part of what makes it so awesome and mysterious. SS2 has the kind of story that you actually need to experience - you can't feel the full depth and magnitude of the story unless you play it. Preferably alone, at night, in the dark, with headphones.

From what I've read, Shadow of the Collosus was kind of the same deal - you need to PLAY it to know its power. Having not played the game myself, the contest gave me little motivation to delve into the plot details and really appreciate the game and the experience of playing it, thus I was not very appreciative of the art =( Same with Ico, I suppose. I wish I had a PS2....

By the way, SS2 is a PC game that is now free (completely legal to download), get it now!! It's also old (bad graphics ahoy!), so it can run on ye olde junk computer. If everyone on OCR beats SS2, then we can have it as a contest theme ^_^ Maybe if Bioshock is a big hit, we could have that as a future theme =D

Earthbound? I'd say enough people have played it for it's awsomeness to be appreciated. Castlevania? Contra? Kriby? MGS? Chrono seris? Katamari damacy? Half-Life? Same story, I think; wide enough audience for a good compitition. Warcarft? ehh-- TOO wide an audience. Blizzard's FIRST annual art contest alone had enough Warcraft art to choke an orc - the world doesn't need any more :wink:

You really do need to have played the game to appreciate the art associated with it. Unless it's absolutely fantastic art, but even then... art from something that hits home like a game you've played and loved - even if it's lower caliber - would be more interesting than something foreign to you.

ANYWAY, I REALLY hope that Castlevania comes up eventually. I was thinking of either Castlevania or Mystical Ninja if I ever win but I didn't think either would draw much attention. (Besides Super Metroid.. The Legend of the Mystical Ninja and Castlevania 3 are among my all time favorites) But now I'm under the impression that Castlevania is more popular than I anticipated? Which is SWEEEET lol

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wow props to rambo, a new dude around here, to come in and take #1

pick something good

YAY! And thanks!

.... But how am I supposed to trump Metroid???

Congrats Rambo! Looks like it was a close race.

Thanks man. It was a VERY close race! I loved your entry Btw. It got me playing fusion pretty quick. ;-)

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Heh congratulations Rambo. Looks like you didn't even need to colour your piece to still kick arse. :P

Next topic doesn't have to exactly trump the previous month, but just any game with solid conceptual or graphic material and popular support is what matters.

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