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  1. It's on the usual assortment of distribution networks. Grabbing it now myself, since I chose to not overload their servers while they were streaming it.
  2. I'm surprised that people still care about this overmilked recycled franchise. That artwork is nice though.
  3. Everything I'm reading seems to boil down to: "Rather than suffer the indignation of such an enormous project stagnating and fizzling to death slowly, it must be taken out with an appropriately large [drama] bang!"
  4. D.Radium


    I'm pretty sure the fact that the pirates are getting a better working version of the game than the legitimate customers does pose a fundamental problem.
  5. OCremix is fairly well known in digital musical groups in Japan from what I understood (remixers there tend to host their own material and don't have collaborative sites like this) from the guy I spoke to who coordinated the Celestia Project from a while ago in the requested interview I did.
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    For those who felt that Portal was a little too short (though not detracting from how awesome it was), look no further. Now, you can import the Portal game tech into Half Life 2 itself for an entirely new gameplay experience. Looks like my weekend just went bye-bye.
  7. I guess they learned a few things from Supreme Commander although that could be a good or a bad thing depending on execution :3 Looks awesome so far to me, chalk up another going to reinstall Starcraft right this instant.
  8. Question for the gurus out there. If I give in to peer pressure that's kinda been on and off the past year and a half to play this darn game, what race and class would you suggest? Overpowered and easy to play for a newb would be a bonus. I can play healer or tank or whatever role from my experiences in other MMO's, being useful in the lategame and/or PvP also a plus. I tend to prefer hybrid classes to fill many roles but specialization not a problem if it's feasible. From my little reading I'm leaning on Draenei Paladin/Cleric, or Undead Mage/Tauren Druid (not sure which side will be focused on since my friends tend to jump around on both side).
  9. Heh congratulations Rambo. Looks like you didn't even need to colour your piece to still kick arse. Next topic doesn't have to exactly trump the previous month, but just any game with solid conceptual or graphic material and popular support is what matters.
  10. Surprised nobody's mentioned this one so I'll pop it in: Bartender - While it's not exactly a show you might expect, I'd almost call it a history show in anime.. It's only 11 episodes long, but I liked the simple development and various educational material within. Code Geass - I'd pick this over Death Note personally, as mentioned before the latest story arc in DN kinda shot it to hell quality wise, the first part was brilliant. Geass on the other hand seems to be going strongly, looking forward to where this one's going. Akira - While I didn't like it that much personally, it's still a solid oldskool anime that kickstarted the sci-fi anime area. Tokyo Godfathers - Genius little movie, highly recommended for laughs, character development, and plot movement, it's just damn well refined. For those who tend to read a little deeper, it does address many contemporary issues regarding the social state of Japan and the homeless. Anything Ghibli - duh, or at least by Hayao. Tales of Earthsea I havn't seen yet, although I did read an interview with Goro and LeQuin, I hear she didn't exactly fall in love with the movie so perhaps there were some adaptation errors. I still plan on seeing it sometime just to see how his first film went though. Full Metal Alchemist - Just because it's genius. I know people may think this one overrated, but I personally don't think I've seen a show with the character and plot development so brilliantly well integrated and executed for quite some time, and even makes you contemplate some things in the metaphysical. Full Metal Panic - avoid The Second Raid if you don't want to see the original action and humour soiled by overly emo scenes. Fumoffu is mainly for laughs, treat it as a bonus from the creators. Planetes - An *amazing* little series that hardly nobody knows of; it's a story in the near future where preliminary space travel to our nearby planets brings about many questions regarding the state of humanity and what our longer term priorities need to be, great food for thought. Again, character and plot are amazingly well done. Slam Dunk - Just because. I'm probably biased for this one since it was one of the first mangas and animes I saw and thought it was hilarious, mainly for laughs, otherwise a little development and the rest is DBZ. I think everything else has been mentioned...
  11. Seconded. While it's far from being perfect, I'd stick it on par with WoW for all intensive purposes. Graphics are nice, grind is typical of any Korean MMO, and. If you want a casual hour of going to beat the crap out of monsters, you'll probably like it. If you want to grind for hours, it can also do that.
  12. As is mine, funny thing is I have absolutely no clue where I stand in terms of my own mind for how satisfied I am with my piece... Good luck folks.
  13. Draw stuff on paper with pencil, ink with pen Scan Add colour ??? Profit ... that's what I do anyway.
  14. Refresh my memory, do we post entries in the thread here or do we send them via PM to the contest coordinator?
  15. Well since Claado hasn't responded to my PM regarding the matter here's quasi-feedback on the project. Since I was rather awestruck at the music of this arrangement I went out and made some more art for it, just a wallpaper. (I'm curious btw, I noticed this while colouring, why does Magus have such a white skin tone compared to his family?) Anyway, I don't know why, but listening to the orchestral version make me think of some scenes that were lacking a little more emotional premise in CT (although if overdone it ends up like Xenosaga where people moan about too many cutscenes ), one being Magus and his rather dark past. Soo.. just an impossible oneshot of his one loved one in this world before she died. If this was a movie or something I don't know if Schala would actually realize that Prophet was actually her brother or not, but anyway I took off his hat and lookie who's inside ^^ Poor girl.. her mother's insane and tries to kill her, Dalton pretends she's his bitch, her brother gets dimensionally MIA, and after all that she dies. I think she could use that hug In an earlier design phase I was debating putting a scene with her injured lying against the wall with a ghostly Magus with her right as the temple was collapsing but I figured that might be overdoing it a bit. Click for Preview Photobucket won't hold the full 1600x1200 image so I've stuck an archived version for download on filefront, tell me if it doesn't work. Wallpaper Pack (2.49mb) (included are fullsize jpg and png versions, winrar archive at highest compression) If it's worthy enough I hoped the project coordinator could stick it in the torrent but whatever. I spent too many sleepless nights on this >< Comments n crits and stuff welcome.