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OCR Chess Tournament - March 2007

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One stalemate and one win vs. Dama. Sometimes having a ton of pieces against just a king doesn't help you.

1. d2-d4 d7-d5
2. c2-c4 g8-f6
3. c4xd5 f6xd5
4. e2-e4 d5-b4
5. g1-f3 c8-g4
6. f1-e2 g4xf3
7. e2xf3 d8xd4
8. d1xd4 b4-c2+
9. e1-d1 c2xd4
10. c1-f4 e7-e6
11. f4xc7 f8-c5
12. b1-d2 b8-c6
13. d2-c4 o-o
14. c7-d6 f8-d8
15. e4-e5 c6xe5
16. f3xb7 e5xc4
17. b7xa8 d8xd6
18. d1-c1 d4-e2+
19. c1-c2 d6-d2+
20. c2-b3 c4xb2
21. h1-c1 e2xc1+
22. a1xc1 b2-d3
23. a8-e4 d3xc1+
24. b3-c4 c5xf2
25. a2-a4 d2-d4+
26. c4-b5 d4xe4
27. g2-g4 c1-a2
28. a4-a5 e4-b4+
29. b5-c6 a7-a6
30. h2-h4 b4-b5
31. g4-g5 f2xh4
32. c6-d7 h4xg5
33. d7-e8 b5-b8+
34. e8-d7 a2-b4
35. d7-c7 g5-f4+
36. c7-d7 h7-h5
37. d7-e7 b4-c6+
38. e7-d7 c6xa5
39. d7-e7 b8-b7+
40. e7-e8 a5-c6

;Title: Yahoo! Chess Game
;White: cpt1337
;Black: damathacus
;Date: Mon Mar 19 21:20:51 GMT 2007

1. c2-c4 e7-e5
2. e2-e4 g8-f6
3. b1-c3 f8-b4
4. d1-b3 b4xc3
5. b3xc3 f6xe4
6. c3xe5+ d8-e7
7. e5xc7 e4-g3+
8. g1-e2 g3xh1
9. c7xc8+ e7-d8
10. c8xb7 b8-c6
11. g2-g3 o-o
12. f1-g2 h1xf2
13. e1xf2 d8-f6+
14. e2-f4 f6-d4+
15. f2-e1 d4-g1+
16. e1-e2 f8-e8+
17. e2-d3 g1xg2
18. f4xg2 c6-e5+
19. d3-c2 e5xc4
20. d2-d3 c4-d6
21. b7xd7 a8-c8+
22. c2-d1 c8-d8
23. d7xa7 d6-b5
24. a7-a5 b5-d4
25. g2-e1 d8-c8
26. c1-f4 e8-e2
27. a1-c1 c8xc1+
28. f4xc1 e2-e8
29. e1-c2 d4-f3
30. a5-b5 g8-f8
31. c1-e3 g7-g6
32. e3-c5+ f8-g7
33. b5xe8 f3xh2
34. c2-e3 h2-f3
35. e3-g4 f3-g5
36. e8-f8++

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I earned a well-deserved loss to Fire when I made the mistake fo getting involved in an involved chat conversation with somebody else at the same time. Before I knew it we had made only a handful of moves and I was down to three minutes while Fire still had most of his 10 (or possibly even more). My half of the game then became rush chess, and even still I continued to try to hold up the conversation. Switching back to my chess window, I saw he had moved and went ahead and made my pre-planned move in a combination I had worked out, except I got mixed up and made the wrong move and gave up my queen.

I briefly considered an undo, but decided, mistake or not, it wasn't a legitimate slip, and I deserved what I got for not paying better attention. I did what I could with what I had left of my game at that point, and, not surprisingly, lost.

This followed a lucky draw from our previous game, in which I also performed not so great (but I don't want to take any credit away from Fire in this first game, because his playing was quite excellent).

So, to sum up, dama vs. Fire: 1 draw, 1 loss for me.

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Two losses to salaxzar.

;Title: Yahoo! Chess Game
;White: uranus_4444
;Black: cpt1337
;Date: Tue Mar 20 01:11:28 GMT 2007

1. d2-d4 d7-d5
2. g2-g3 c7-c5
3. g1-f3 c5-c4
4. b1-c3 g8-f6
5. f1-g2 f6-e4
6. c3xe4 d5xe4
7. f3-g5 f7-f5
8. c2-c3 e7-e5
9. d1-a4+ d8-d7
10. a4xc4 e5xd4
11. o-o d4-d3
12. e2xd3 e4xd3
13. f1-e1+ e8-d8
14. g5-f7+ d7xf7
15. c4xf7 c8-d7
16. e1-e8+ d7xe8
17. c1-g5+ d8-c8
18. f7xe8+ c8-c7
19. e8-d8++

;Title: Yahoo! Chess Game
;White: cpt1337
;Black: uranus_4444
;Date: Tue Mar 20 01:24:45 GMT 2007

1. c2-c4 g7-g6
2. e2-e4 f8-g7
3. d2-d4 d7-d6
4. d4-d5 g8-f6
5. f2-f3 o-o
6. c1-g5 b8-d7
7. b1-c3 c7-c6
8. g1-e2 d7-e5
9. e2-f4 h7-h6
10. g5xf6 g7xf6
11. d1-a4 f6-h4+
12. e1-d2 h4-g5
13. c3-e2 d8-b6
14. a1-c1 b6xb2+
15. a4-c2 e5xc4+
16. d2-d1 c4-e3+
17. d1-d2 e3xc2
18. c1xc2 b2-b4+
19. d2-c1 b4-e1+
20. c1-b2 g5-f6+
21. e2-c3 f6xc3+
22. c2xc3 e1-d2+
23. c3-c2 d2xf4
24. d5xc6 b7xc6
25. c2xc6 a8-b8+
26. b2-a3 f4-d2
27. f1-c4 d2-b4++

What can you expect, right?

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Keegan: Kamoh is you mackin yet?

kamoh: no

kamoh: how do I shot web?

dPaladin: lol

dPaladin: how appropriate

Oh jeez, did I actually say that? The wondrous affects of alcohol! In other news, Keegan wins two vs Greyfox. Heres the 2nd game, the one I remembered to send to meself.

;Title: Yahoo! Chess Game
;White: gray_fox9996
;Black: keegan_the_fox
;Date: Thu Mar 22 02:39:29 GMT 2007

1. e2-e4 c7-c5
2. f1-c4 e7-e6
3. d2-d4 g8-f6
4. f2-f3 d7-d5
5. c4-b5+ b8-c6
6. e4-e5 f6-d7
7. g1-e2 c5xd4
8. e2xd4 d8-h4+
9. g2-g3 h4xd4
10. c1-d2 f8-c5
11. c2-c3 d4-f2++

EDIT: I finished my game with Atlas with a Win for myself, and Dama has upsettingly forfeit, so I guess I get both wins off that?

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Hey, we're going to announce a round-robin winner, then do another tournament starting very very soon - probably Friday or Monday - I just haven't figured out the constant schedule that I'd like.

This would be a rotational schedule that includes the emulation and arcade tournaments in the mix, with three-week schedules for each one. I just so happens that the other two tournaments have a fairly delayed playoffs coming up, and OCRCL is currently the least organized.

The next tournament may harken back to double-elimination.

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For those who havent caught me on or wish to, lemme know when ur available so i can try to come on at that time EST/GMT or whatever. I'll try and be on AIM as much as possible this weekend. Just been busy with school work =/

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hey guys.

Lost to salaxzar twice.

As is USUALLY the case, I'm going to stop support for this single tournament and not declare a winner (although Keegan was the most productive). As a side note, I'm getting tired of convincing myself that the chess league is good, and although I want to keep going, it's just too many games for naught now. I'm not sure how to fix this necessarily, but I have an idea.

I'm making a new thread.

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