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  1. Sorry I haven't really been around I've been planning and prepping my birthday. I'll be around on Monday!
  2. I'll eat your face at chess. Bring it.
  3. Crash Team Racing. I just found my old psx disc and I can't stop listening to n. gin labs.
  4. Agreed. I forgot how awesome the music for TS2 was. Shadow Hearts is also an awesome underrated RPG with great music. Threads of Fate is another one of my favorite niche Square games.
  5. Einhänder, the Suikoden soundtracks (all of them), Orge Battle 64, Dark Cloud 2 gets another vote. Awesome OST on that one. Brave Fencer Musashi (the first one) is one of my all time favorites. One of my favorite ReMixers (beatdrop) even did a mix, but I still say it needs more. More love from me for the SaGa games as well. I'm more partial to Saga Frontier 2 meself. Chaos Legion has an excellent soundtrack as well.
  6. really sorry guys but work's been crazy recently. I'll hop on AIM when I get a chance though. My Hamachi server will always stay up.
  7. Since we're on the topic of tetris, anyone have Tetris DS so I can steal ur friend code and play you online? HMM?!?!
  8. I defeated Dr. Light at chess with a row of pawns and a single bishop.
  9. I've been playing Tetris DS all week. Lets do this. EDIT: My AIM is on that helpfull little AIM man dude thing right there. If you can't see it or whatever then it's GlitchyKeegan. PS, if anyone needs to be evicted from the Hamachi server for space (you never know) let me know (admin powers lol)
  10. I won, and I drawed. Great games Rau! On a side note, the first game was the fastest I've played yet. I had like 13 mins+ on my clock. I'm pretty proud of myself. ;Title: Yahoo! Chess Game ;White: keegan_the_fox ;Black: xtreme_player25 ;Date: Wed Oct 03 04:11:59 GMT 2007 1. c2-c4 g8-f6 2. b1-c3 e7-e6 3. e2-e4 c7-c5 4. e4-e5 f6-g8 5. g1-f3 b8-c6 6. d2-d4 c5xd4 7. f3xd4 c6xe5 8. d4-b5 d7-d6 9. c3-e4 d6-d5 10. c1-f4 f8-b4+ 11. e4-c3 d8-f6 12. f4-g3 e8-f8 13. c4xd5 e6xd5 14. d1xd5 c8-g4 15. f1-e2 g4xe2 16. g3xe5 e2-f3 17. g2xf3 a8-e8 18. o-o-o f6xe5 19. d5xb7 g8-f6 20. b5-c7 e5-e7 21. b7-c6 e8-d8 22. d1xd8+ e7xd8 23. h1-d1 d8-b8 24. c7-a6 b8-f4+ 25. c1-b1 b4-e7 26. c6-c8+ f6-e8 27. a6-b8 g7-g6 28. d1-e1 f4xh2 29. b8-d7+ f8-g7 30. e1xe7 h2-g1+ 31. b1-c2 g1xf2+ 32. e7-e2 f2xf3 33. e2xe8 f3-f5+ 34. c2-b3 h8xe8 35. c8xe8 h7-h5 36. e8-f8+ g7-h7 37. f8-e7 f5-e6+ 38. e7xe6 f7xe6 39. c3-b5 g6-g5 40. d7-f8+ h7-g7 41. f8xe6+ g7-f6 42. e6-c5 a7-a5 43. b3-a4 g5-g4 44. a4xa5 h5-h4 45. b2-b4 g4-g3 46. c5-e4+ f6-f5 47. e4xg3+ h4xg3 48. b5-d4+ f5-e4 49. d4-e2 g3-g2 50. b4-b5 e4-e3 51. e2-g1 e3-f2 52. b5-b6 f2xg1 53. b6-b7 g1-f2 54. b7-b8 f2-e2 55. b8-b2+ e2-f3 56. b2xg2+ f3xg2 57. a2-a4 g2-h3 58. a5-b5 h3-g2 59. a4-a5 g2-h3 60. a5-a6 h3-g2 61. a6-a7 g2-h3 62. a7-a8 h3-g4 63. a8-e4+ g4-g5 64. b5-c5 g5-f6 65. c5-d6 f6-f7 66. e4-e6+ f7-f8 67. e6-e7+ f8-g8 68. d6-e5 g8-h8 69. e5-f6 h8-g8 70. e7-g7++ ;Title: Yahoo! Chess Game ;White: xtreme_player25 ;Black: keegan_the_fox ;Date: Wed Oct 03 04:37:17 GMT 2007 1. g1-f3 d7-d5 2. g2-g3 g7-g6 3. f1-g2 f8-g7 4. d2-d4 g8-f6 5. o-o o-o 6. c1-f4 c7-c6 7. d1-c1 c8-f5 8. c2-c4 d5xc4 9. c1xc4 f6-d5 10. f4-d2 d8-b6 11. b1-c3 d5xc3 12. d2xc3 b8-d7 13. f3-g5 e7-e5 14. d4xe5 d7xe5 15. c4-f4 a8-e8 16. e2-e4 f5-c8 17. a1-d1 f7-f5 18. e4xf5 c8xf5 19. f4-a4 h7-h6 20. g5-e4 e5-f7 21. e4-f6+ g7xf6 22. c3xf6 f7-e5 23. f6xe5 e8xe5 24. a4-c4+ g8-h7 25. d1-d2 b6-c7 26. f2-f4 c7-b6+ 27. g1-h1 e5-e7 28. d2-e2 f8-e8 29. f1-e1 e7xe2 30. e1xe2 e8xe2 31. c4xe2 b6-d4 32. h2-h4 h6-h5 33. h1-h2 d4-f6 34. b2-b3 f6-d4 35. e2-e7+ d4-g7 36. e7-e8 g7-b2 37. e8-f7+ b2-g7 38. f7-c4 g7-b2 39. c4-b4 DRAW OFFERED AND TAKEN
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