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Bank lists for MIDI devices

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Is there any way to get a list of banks and programs and patches in those banks for a MIDI device? I have a CASIO WK-3500 and I have most of the banks set up but I don't know where I can get to user banks, and I'm not entirely sure about whether I have all of the instruments at my disposal...

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Look at the first dozen pages of Appendix A in your manual (you can get the manual online here: WK-3500 manual)

It lists all your sounds, and both the program change number as well as the bank number you need to use to access them. It looks like it's using Bank MSB, which should mean cc0 I think.

So in order to use no. 10, "Modern Piano" for instance, you need to send two commands:

controller0: 51

program: 1

If you need help figuring out how to use continuous controllers, be sure to mention which sequencer you're using. It may even support doing a cc0 patch change, which does both in one step!

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I figured it was using MSB because I fooled around in Rosegarden, my sequencer of choice, for a few hours seeing which values affect what. I think I've got it under control now, actually. Thanks!

But that manual probably has full names for the instruments while all I've got is abbreviations (I haven't gotten a chance to read it yet and I lost my hard copy).

Rosegarden has this one neat thing where it does "variation" based on either the MSB or LSB number. So I set all my LSBs to 0 and all my MSBs to the proper numbers, and let rosegarden set up "Variation by MSB". Now I select Grand Piano in the instrument list and chose an instrument out of the variations box and my keyboard switches to the selected instrument. It really helps when you are looking for a specific instrument sound, like a keyboard. So select grand piano off of the instrument list and it will list you all the grand piano variations on the keyboard. It's awesome!

And I told this stupid thing to email me when I get replies to the threads I post in, and I still haven't gotten one. I wonder if it's getting junk filterowned?

By the way, I've started on a remix. Capital City of Flowers in the Sky from Perfect Cherry Blossom's 4th stage. I like the way the piano on this keyboard sounds! With a little reverb it sounds pretty awesome!

Thanks for the help, Justus.

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