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  1. Nobuo Uematsu-san rocks ! (This is for the contest to win VIP tickets !)
  2. As a fan of your ReMiXes, I'm satisfied ! I really like your middle eastern ReMiX, my favorite are the Ninja Gaiden one. The Pharaoh one is on par with the rest. Personnally I would raise the volume of the sitar in the beginning because I can't heard the melody very well.
  3. This is pretty cool. Well it could count as ReMiX since it make a great use of samples and some people call this 'Musique Concrète'. I like the industrial feel and the ambiance
  4. This remix is one of the best I heard in some time. I'm a fan on baroque music and the harpsicord
  5. There's also http://www.pianoteq.com/ which is a psychical modelling of a acoustic piano. Use no samples and very small to download.
  6. Ahh the synth solo sounds much better now The repeted strings still sound too mecanical, I doubt any violon player an repeat a note that fast Anyway, this ReMiX kick ass dude. I still struggle to improvise(and compose) synth solo myself that sound cool like most keyboardists out there.
  7. Personally, as a keyboardist who want to play rock and metal, I will add more crunch to the Lead synth. Currently, it sound too flat and straight Also, I will add more breath to the strings. Beside that, I really like the arrangement
  8. Some lead programming tutorials here, which try to mimic some popular lead tones: Derek Sherinian Monster Lead Jens Johansson Lead Jordan Rudess Liquid T Lead
  9. There is also a tracker for sequencing SID (Commodore 64 sound chip) called GoatTracker: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GoatTracker Very old-school tracker but very nice. Check out the examples, there is a conver of a song of Stratovarius
  10. Wow, USB midi sure are expensive, my standard MIDI cable cost me about 20$CAN
  11. Hey nice, another guy using Rosegarden on Linux
  12. Here my cover of Battle with Magus, the mix is loud sorry :s I recorded it a while ago and haven't reworked on it. Though I added more sound to my base combi since them. Most of the parts were played live and overdubbed into the internal sequencer. Only the D part was sequenced, because I can't play it with correct timing The format is in Ogg Vorbis, I support free software and thus free codec http://tinyurl.com/lskg6
  13. Hey nice remix the Super Mario World one. I like it
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