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Zelda 3 - Select floor


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Well I liked the piece.

It was very relaxing to me.

I know that the samples were lacking. You should work on the mastering of the piece. Tweak some of the samples you're using. They just need more life.

Also try variations. The song got a bit repetitive; I know that the original isn't very long. You could change the tempo a bit or even change up the bassline every few measures.

Keep it up.

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EDIT: Disregard the below, I guess... the more I think about this the more I think that I only wanted your opinion if it was a positive one, and now I'm being all sore.

Oh please, don't use the can't-afford-samples argument. That's such a cop out. I use free sounds almost exclusively. :roll:

Does that mean that if I replace the sax I have with the one I can download from your soundfont website (which has some very nice fonts on it, btw), the sax would be good enough? It still doesn't sound real. I know there are tons of good, free samples out there, I just didn't see what was wrong with the ones I have - I thought they were good. I thought you were complaining about sound quality, not that the samples were inadequate. I guess i misunderstood you. "Get better samples" is kind of open to interpretation. What's a better sample? Who decides? I guess the main problem is I can never tell if what I make is good or not.

And my biggest problem was with your approach to the piece. I dislike it when people are so quick to write off certain kinds of music as "elevator music," especially bossa nova and certain kinds of smooth jazz. The ideas you have are good, but like I said before, don't pigeonhole yourself into vapidity just to fit some ill-defined concept like "elevator music." Expand, explore, and adapt. Good genre adaptations have always been welcomed at OCR.

If elevator music is ill-defined, how can I pigeonhole myself into it? I wanted to make this sound like something you would hear in an elevator, with all the cheesyness that comes with it. I don't know what it's really called - if there's one thing I don't know it's how to label songs by genre. I can't tell rock from pop or trance from techno. Ishkur's guide to electronic music makes me dizzy. I didn't intend to exclude everything that didn't sound elevator music-ish, but I had an idea of what I wanted to do. What's wrong with sticking to a concept anyway? Must all music be cross-genred and exploring?

Again, I certainly agree this song is far from perfect. I think one of us has misunderstood the other, or both.

Degree, I agree (huh-huh, it rhymes, huh-huh) the song is repetitive, and I intend to fix that. Unfortunately, Reason doesn't allow for tempo changes (incredibly enough, since they've been around since the days of mod trackers, if not longer). Now, this:

You should work on the mastering of the piece. Tweak some of the samples you're using.

I have no idea what this means. Elaborate?

One thing that bothers me is that all the music I make feels horribly mono, no matter how much I pan things around. Reason's stereo imager doesn't seem to help, either.

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