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  1. Now that youve got this at the length you want, I can give you a detailed critique: Overall structure is nice, I particularly like the piano section towards the middle-end, good use of some common jazz chords. The flute sounded a bit on the fake side to me. For that matter, your main synth in the hook seems generic, so you should put some effects on that (maybe reverb?). The electric piano helps to add variation between the sections before the first and second hook, though I think you should edit the drumloop more. The song has a nice chill groove. I actually enjoyed the lighter textures here, though at the same time my biggest worry is that thats what the judges will call you out on. Your interpretation is great, in fact after studying the source a bit, I can see youve used EVERY part of that song, even if you stretched it in some parts (such as the piano section and the beginning of the hook). All you need to do now is decorate it a bit more and clean up some of your samples. Youve come quite a long way from having no musical knowledge 2 months ago to where you are now Maybe you should show this to a single judge; they would know better than anyone what the panel wants. Good luck!
  2. Excellent stuff. I agree that you can comfortably submit at this point
  3. After listening to the source, Im even more impressed. Youve taken such a simplistic, sparse piece and made it into a intricate harmonic construct. I definitely think its OCR worthy, though with the standards as strict as they are now, I dont have a clue what would or wouldnt make it past the judges.
  4. This is a huge step up. You're really interpreting that source now, and as hideous as the source is, you've made somethin I can bob my head to Granted, your drums could use a bit more presence, especially considering them and the bassline will be carrying a song of this genre, but like you said, youre still developing this. So far the arrangement is on point, I'll be checkin up lata to see how you finish this up. Definitely feelin the funk here, fantastic job.
  5. Be warned that if you make a Lava Reef mix, you'll need to have something particularly engaging and unique to get it past the judges. A song thats been mixes so many times has a high standard to live up to. I like the theme you started out with, but it just felt like it was lacking dynamic constrast. Something to take it to a different atmosphere temporarily, like a flute solo, would help to keep this interesting. Also in an orchestral mix, samples are EXTREMELY crucial. You'll need some better ones, or to work more effectively with the ones you have. Keep at it though.
  6. So far Ive only had time to listen to the Wind Song, but from that I can infer that youre pretty good with piano. The song was soft, soothing, and very harmonic. I would suggest you increase the volume slightly though (I had to put my speakers on full blast to hear some of the softer parts). Id love to hear the original source so I could make a comparison.
  7. I enjoyed this. I agree it could use a little fine-tuning here and there, but the arrangement is on point for me. Im not sure if the judges will think its too close to the source at some points or not, but this is definitely well constructed, especially the harmonies. Nice.
  8. Probably a stupid question, but where can i download a program to use Soundfonts? Ive been haveing a suprising amount of trouble finding one I can use on Windows XP
  9. Freesound actually has a pretty diverse range of good-quality drums and other percussion.
  10. Its definitely soothing. I could picture this being played in my apartment's elevator. I think youve captured the genre
  11. This sounds great.....its about time someones done Majora's Mask, lol
  12. This came out really well, it definitely does capture the mood of a demented, halloweeny carnival. Its interesting how u used some parts from ur first ReMix and incorporated them into this new theme. I think uve got a winner here!
  13. I really like this thus far....the only thing that would make this batter is a little bit more variation, especially in the drums. This is really great though : )
  14. Have u thought about using any programs outside of Reason 3.0? Acid Pro can gve you some really nasty drumloops
  15. Compared to Version 0.0, I think 0.1 is ten times better. I think u filled in some of the really dry areas rather nicely, and I like most of your sample choices. They give the song a very synthetic feel, which it what I think u wanted. The bacground synth towards the middle-end is very gritty though, u need to change that. Also the riff in the very middle gives a nice digital sound, though I think you should build up that section a lot more. My favorite part was the electric piano section with the soft synth in the background...it really gave a mystery effect that was almost cinematic to me. I dont think u need more instruments, i think u just need to work in some more effects. Delay, phasing, and filtering could do wonders for this song. Typically the problem with the shorter OC remixes is a lack of uniqueness; I think this mix IS unique enough, it just needs a little more body to it.
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