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  1. I checked out the e6600 and it looks pretty good. At least, alot better than what I'm running right now. Any idea on the Wattage of a Power Supply I'd be needing with this processor?
  2. Thanks for such a quick reply. I do own the E-MU 0404 right now, so I think I'd stick with that. The only problem is that with my budget right now, I really only have about $500 USD to spend, for the time being. Sorry about that; I should've mentioned that in my first post. I'll look into those processors though, for sure.
  3. Yeah, that's a pretty addicting game. I remember getting to around level 20-ish before I actually got stuck, but that's over a year ago. I'll try it again soon.
  4. I've been around this site and it's forums for about 2 years now. Around a year ago, I was into remixing and tried my hand at it. I could never really get anything going because whenever I loaded up a few big VSTi's, my computer would lag and create artifacts in the track, thus leaving me without the ability to create what I wanted. I just wanted to find out the ideal specs on a audio production computer. My current RAM: 512 RDRAM My current Sound Card: E-MU 0404 My current processor: Intel Pentium 4 2.4GHz My computer is so old that I would basically have to rebuild a new custom one. My current motherboard only supports RDRAM, which sucks. If anyone has any advice in this field, then by all means, help me out. :] Thanks.
  5. Degree


    I just saw this movie last weekend. It kicks ass.
  6. Very fun game. Six is badass. My friend got this a few days ago. I can only do Medium.. Hard is well.. too hard for me haha. Try the calibration in the options menu.
  7. Yeah, I really wana hear the final of this. I really like the source track.
  8. Nice! You should make some more of these.. I learned some very good techniques.
  9. @ Flik: Thanks for the input. Yeah, I heard your remix, it's really creative.. and pretty funny. Yeah, it does sound mechanical, now that I listen to it more. I recorded everything live. I listened to the metronome when I was recording it and tried to time everything out. I guess that's to my downfall. I was afraid that if it didn't match the metronome, it would sound out of time. I'm definitely planning on adding more instruments. I'm not even near done with the song. Thanks again. @ Dr. Rod: Thanks a bunch man. Yeah, the technical 'ending' of the WIP link that I posted is only the beginning of the actual main medley. During the final stages of this mix, I'm going to change the velocities up more and change volumes at certain parts. The piano sounds very mechanical- I know. I recorded it live and just listened to the metronome. I was afraid to make a note of it out of time. Yeah man, I'm editing this up right now. I'll post a newer version soon. I appreciate the feedback. I'm going to post a new version soon.
  10. This is my first real remix. I've messed around in Reason before, but I've never really made a decent track. http://media.putfile.com/Sunset-Over-Kakariko It's the Kakariko Village theme off of most of the Zelda games. I know you'll recognize it. I wouldn't say it's in an orchestral style.. because I don't know much about orchestras, haha. It's mainly in a ballad-ish.. [i guess] style. I tried to make the intro build up into the main medley. Of course, there are still tons of parts to be added. Tone tweaks, more instruments, drums.. haha. I'm just posting to see what people think so far. And please, if you have any suggestions, let me know. I don't care- say whatever you want, if you think it sucks.. tell me. I'd rather you be blunt and let me know, than me waste my time. Thanks.
  11. Good luck with this. I, myself, being novice to remixing and audio production, would actually pay a pretty decent price for lessons, but the only problem is that I don't think anyone around my area actually works with digital production and the likes.
  12. This project sounds very promising. I can't wait until it's done.
  13. I LOVE this remix. I had never heard the original song before I heard this. I can safely say that I don't want to listen to the original song now. This remix is amazingly chill. The sounds are crystal clear. The production, arrangement, and mixing are top notch. I love the way Patrick added in the sounds of the birds and the water. It adds a depth of realism to the remix. I also like how it takes you 'underwater' for a segment of the remix. The sounds totally change.. and the parts written for it sounds just like something I could picture as underwater. Amazing quality. Patrick is a great remixer. I've personally sent him an email before and he is incredibly helpful and kind. Keep up the great work bro. I will always be listening to this remix.
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