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OCR on Des Moines radio


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Hmm... weird. I'll talk to our engineers. I recorded the whole show on my computer, via the webstream, using Firefox. I'll hopefully have a podcast-esque thingy up soon.

Thanks for any who were able to listen, and sorry to anyone else if things were uber-frustrating! This is why I hate computers sometimes...

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On 4/17/2007 at 2:30 PM, Koji-san said:

I finally finished recording the show promo with Dan, my co-host. This should give you a flavor for what you might expect:


I wanted to mention and feature some more mainstream/popular music on the promo (i.e. Mario, Halo 2, and Final Fantasy) to draw in a more broad audience, but don't worry, I'll delve as deeply as I can into less "mainstream" gaming series.

I'll see about recording it for a podcast later on. I went to Dwelling of Duels for about 4 hours and grabbed some stuff off of there (I'd never visited before, so it was great), and I'll try to dig into VGMix tonight. I checked out Overlooked Remix as well, but... well... yeah. I don't know about some of that stuff ^^


Wow, this file is still hosted.

And I have no recollection of posting most of these things, or what this even is. Haha!

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