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OCR on Des Moines radio


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I'm "a long-time listener, first-time caller," as they say in radio. I must admit I feel mildly awkward posting a new thread as my very first post on the OC forums after so many years of listening to the awesome mixes on this site, but hopefully nobody will mind, considering the information I have.

I'm the program director of 94.1 The Dog, a radio station based out of Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa. Our signal broadcasts pretty much all over the city, so there are about half a million potential listeners in Iowa in addition to our internet audience that listens to the live stream on our web site.

The reason I'm telling you this is because starting this Thursday, I'm going to be the host of "Insert Coin," a show consisting completely of video game music, remixes, and arrangement. My co-host and I are going to start running promos on our station this week and hope to have a pretty sizeable audience in Des Moines (though I imagine our primary audience will be online listeners).

So why am I telling you this? Well, the best remixes on the internet come from this web site. My radio station is an educational station, so we aren't subject to a ridiculous amount of royalty fees or copyright laws and can pretty much play whatever music we want on the station, but I want to extend an invitation to any OC remixers (or other mixers on this site) who would be particularly interested in hearing their works played on our first episode this Thursday.

There will only be 3 episodes of "Insert Coin" since I'm graduating in just a few weeks. I've always had a show at 11:00 (CST) Thursday nights, but the show didn't have a consistent format until I decided just last week to make it a video game music show, which is why the show is arriving so late in the year. Each broadcast will hopefully go from 11pm Thursday to 4am Friday. As far as I know, this will be the only regularly broadcast video game music radio show in the nation.

I'll of course attribute all mixes to their proper remixers and original composers, and, of course, shamelessly plug this site pretty much non-stop during my show, since I get 99% (literally) of my remixes from here. But if anyone has a violent objection to my playing their music, speak up now so I know what you're thinking!

My current playlist for the first episode includes:

-A selection from the Halo 2 Original Soundtrack (not "Remembrance")

-A track or two from the "Mario and Zelda Big Band Live" CD, recorded in Tokyo, Japan

-A selection from either "Dear Friends" or "More Friends" (Final Fantasy)

-The Mortal Kombat movie theme

-The Black Mages (more Final Fantasy music)

That should cover just about... 18-20 minutes of music (if even), so I definitely need lots more material! Suggestions/questions/comments?

Thanks in advance! ...Unless you completely shoot me down, in which case I'll gracefully leave everyone alone ^^

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I doubt anyone will have an issue with their remix being played. A bit of publicity for OCR, and mentioning what game/remixer it's from and all that is nice too. So really, I see no reason for you not to be able to play them on your radio station.

Just uh... grab a broad selection, and not just large groups from the "popular" games. The lesser played games and such need lovin' too :wink:

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Oh, definitely. Don't worry - this isn't going to turn into the "Final Fantasy, Zelda, and Mario" hour. I'm hoping to pull from Ikaruga, Kid Icarus, Lufia, Punch-Out!, TMNT, and Xenogears, just to name a few marginally less super-popular games. I'll probably get some Neskimos action in there, too.

Any obscure title suggestions are welcome - thanks for the feedback!

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The most important thing to do would be to talk with Mr. Larry Oji (Liontamer), as he did the radio show thing for quite awhile and pretty more did an AMAZING job of doing it. He could probably give you a lot of input on this kind of thing.

Other than that I'd just say expand outside of just OCR. Get some of the other sites in there, some of the independent arrangements, some of the cover bands. ALL really good stuff out there.

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That's great advice. I'd definitely love the widest variety of sources possible - multiple bands ("Legend of Zelda" by System of a Down might get in there), music from movies and TV shows (can we say "Super Mario Brothers Super Show" theme?), OST's, and, of course, some jazz (Estradasphere is a must).

I'll check around for links to other good mix sites in the morning. I promise I'll stop trolling my own board now (bed time!). Thanks again for the feedback!

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As far as I know, this will be the only regularly broadcast video game music radio show in the nation.

At this point in time, yes. Although that wasn't always the case. :-P

Good luck to you. I have fond memories of running a VG music show myself for about 3 years, but I burned myself out on it. Glad to see somebody is still keeping the webcasting alive.

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("Legend of Zelda" by System of a Down might get in there)

I didn't know SOAD made a Zelda song. Unless you're talking about the Rabbit Joint Cover that somehow got spread around by someone as SOAD that was actually by The Rabbit Joint.


^Is this the song you're talking about?

And yeah, definitely play some of the OneUps music. It's all great so take your pick.

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Please make it your crusade to aid us in killing the rabbit-joint/SOAD/zelda travesty. :P

Hahaha...I used to think it was SoaD in Jr High. T_T I'm such a no0b. But yeah a good radio song would be Fire Cross by LuiZa, Donkey Kong 2 Forest Birdcussion by Protricity, a Pixietricks track mentioning her part on the Civ IV expansion soundtrack to open people up to OCReMix's talent,and perhaps Dragonsong by Harmony from Secret of Mana.

That's a really cool thing you're doing. College stations usually play better music than a lot of the other FM stations, which is nice.

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Spread the game variety around. I'm sure that the more popular game titles will get some recognition to the audience you're broadcasting to. But if it's just a good song, then it deserves to be played as well! Make sure that you do give credit to the remixers or at the very least mention the title of the remix and the site.

I know this isn't going to be OCR all the time type of show, but I would recommend:

Gux - Legend of Zelda - Darkworld Jazz

McVaffe - Super Street Fighter 2: The New Challengers - Cammy's London Drizzle

mv - Chrono Trigger - Time Chill

Those are three solid songs that I feel will be accepted by most listeners. They're pretty relaxed and laid back, not to mention, very well done as well. There are lot of good songs on OCR, just know what type of demographic you're trying to aim for.

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Shael Riley's 'The Music Of My Groin' is always good for a laugh.


No, it isn't.

Make sure you specify that the VGScene is all about implementing any kind of genre, and so to be ready for anything. ...Unless you're looking for one genre. Stuff with energy is sure to appeal to most, but I've provided some otherwise songs, too. So without further talk, here are some of the most quality mixes IMO:





Double_Dragon_2_Mean_Streak_on_Main_Street_OC_ReMix.mp3 <- this sounds AMAZING on car speakers







Final_Fantasy_6_Agony_of_Obscuration_OC_ReMix.mp3 <- one of my favorites. Seems like it would have decent overall appeal.


Final_Fantasy_6_modeserpent_OC_ReMix.mp3 <- so SMOOTH






Ghosts'N_Goblins_Wanka_Factory_OC_ReMix.mp3 <- another favorite












Anything by Harmony




Star_Control_2_Lightyears_Away_OC_ReMix.mp3 <- this is a must

Starfox_FortunaFavorstheFunk_OC_ReMix.mp3 <- The gratey synth is kind of questionable, but at least it's unique...I guess. The rest is perfect for radio thing.










Zelda_3_Triforce_Majeure_OC_ReMix.mp3 <- edited version? :D



Donkey_Kong_Land_Revisiting_the_Ruins_OC_ReMix.mp3 <- yes


At least one thing by Shnabubula if not everything (most).





Doom_2_Oldskool_Demon_OC_ReMix.mp3 (maybe)










AND NOW FOR SOME VGMIX SONGS (some might be on OCR too)

Aero Blasters_-_Sky High_(virt).mp3

Arkanoid_-_arkanoid - galway is god_(Infamous).mp3 (this is on remix.kwed.org)

Chrono Trigger_-_Darkest Omen_(mv).mp3 (Chrono Symphonic)

Chu Chu Rocket_-_Cat and Mouse_(Neko).mp3 SHUT UP IT'S GOOD

Donkey Kong Country 2_-_Boreal Forest_(cyb0rgjeff).mp3

Doom_-_Contamination (e2m2)_(ScottPeeples).mp3

Earthbound_-_Red Blue Sanctuary_(binster).mp3

Final Fantasy 8_-_Madame Balamb_(Fatty Acid).mp3

Halo 2_-_Ghosts of Reach Remix_(Nato).mp3

Jaguar XJ220_-_Misty ride on the A23_(SelectaNovel).mp3 (SELECTANOVEL BEATS ALL)

Life Force_-_Tactile Freefall_(Midee, prozax).mp3

Marble Madness_-_Sweep Up the Broken Pieces_(Ryan8bit).mp3 (maybe)

Mega Man X 2_-_Congregation of the Fallen_(Protricity).mp3

Ragnarok Online_-_Can't go home again, baby_(execut).mp3

SimCity 2000_-_Beats of Simcity_(SelectaNovel).mp3

Summer Edition_-_Huerdenlauf_(SelectaNovel).mp3


Lotus The Ultimate Challenge (Lotus [1]..._-_Cruising Spaceninjas_(SelectaNovel).mp3

Parasite Eve_-_Mitochondriatic Phase_(Joshua Morse).mp3


X-Out_-_X-Out LiquidX Remix_(binster).mp3 (also on OCR but it's a little different from VGMix version)

Tetris_-_Tetris X-3_(Corran).mp3

[some game]_-_Magic_Lamp_-_(Ellywu2).mp3

Dance Dance Revolution_-_Xenon [Teknikality Mix]_(Nihon Tek).mp3

Chrono Trigger_-_Autumn in Yesteryear Guardia_(Protricity).mp3 <- if song length doesn't matter


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All this feedback is amazing. I'm definitely going to use a lot of the songs you've all suggested. And I feel like an IDIOT about the System of a Down mistake (I just looked around online and realized how wrong everyone is).

The stream is at http://www.941thedog.com. Just click "Click here to listen to The Dog now!" (it's on the main site). The stream is up and down sometimes during the week, but I'll make SURE it's on at 11:00 Thursday.

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Between actual music and the estimated amount of banter my co-hosts and I will create between songs, I've got at least 2 and a half solid hours for the show ready (and I haven't been through Audity's list yet). If anyone else has specific tracks they'd like to hear, or think would go well on the show, now would be a good time to speak up. This includes not only OC mixes, but other mixes as well, in addition to OST tracks, since I have access to tons of those.

It's not so much that I don't have any ideas about what to play on the show; it's that I have so much material that I don't know where to start deciding what to actually play out of my library. I figured it'd be easy to come here and solicit ideas... that way, I'm not only building a playlist based on what others want (and, consequently, what they want to hear), but I can save myself an hour here and there that I would otherwise spend obsessing over which of my 400 Castlevania tracks to play. So specific mixes are good (and links are even better!).

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