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Halo: Ballade of the Warriors


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Composition complete, all sections in. Should be just tweaking from here on.

I just had to do another epic battle scene with crazy drums XD

This time its Halo's theme mixed with Ballade of the puppets from Ghost in the shell: Innocence.

Finished arranagement.


For those who downloaded it last time, there's no update, I just finally got around to submitting and posting the link to the source tune :P

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Wicked cocept dude. Bonus points for Ghost in the Shell too, i loved the original those vocals are from. The leads and harmonies sound thin in the intro. The percussion sounds are much louder, and are masking the brass. As soon as I start getting some feelings relating to the brass the high end percussive come in and overshadow it. The Crashes are a lil sharp, maybe just tone those down a bit. Maybe add a lil bit of reverb with a low decay on 2khz and above on those crashes.

Besides that can't wait to hear more on this track it's sounding pretty awesmoe.:mrgreen:

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30 seconds in and i'm feelin' good about this.

nice pick-up about 50 seconds, and love the GitS vocals at 1:10ish

around 1:40 now, very tempermental...good feeling here

in the 2nd minute i love the sense of urency and impending *something big* i'm getting.

cutoff at 3:15 is and a quick finale, i'm impressed.

This is very well done. I like your originality.

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The brass from :20 to :28, did you vary up the velocities on it? It sounds dynamically stagnant. The next brass melody after that sounds better.

Haha right when the GITS vocals came in a helicopter flew by my apartment...all the sudden I was like ohhh that's sweet! It was all low end bc I had my headphones on but it sounded awesome...back to the review.:tomatoface:

The percussion hits from 2:01 till 3:07 (it's the same sound going the whole time) tend to get repetative. Try varying up the velocities just a bit. They have such a presence that as the song goes on they tend to loose that presence because they are right up front for about a whole minute. Maybe try to introduce another drum sound to really keep the tension their in the song.

I'm being really picky, I honestly think this song kicks serious ass. It's one thing to have a great concept for a mix it's another to be able to pull it off. I def think you have pulled it off.

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Blackwinged Saron: Yeah! You totally felt the sense of urgency I was aiming for :)

avaris: Will look into that horn and percs. Originally I wanted the percs to just fade into the background when the rest of the instruments and choir came back in, but I agree that another drum to keep the beat changing would help the dynamics.

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Wow, this is so weird and good.

Those vocals are really unnerving. Cool shizz. :D To my taste, I'd prefer a slight chorus or delay on them to thicken them up; they sound a bit thin and sharp, cutting a little too harshly through the mix. I'd prefer more low end on them as well, however you'd like to go about it - chorus, double them and lower pitch, or whatever; there's a lot of room in the mix.

Strongly agree w/Avaris's comment about the percussion sounding repetitive from around 2:00 onward, too.

Just nitpicking as well though. This is great stuff all around. Cheers Reuben, love your work. :D

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