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Finale: Alegro question

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I'm sorta not sure what you mean. I think you're either referring to normal trills or tremolos, rapid switching between two non-adjacent notes. I'll go over trills, and hopefully someone else can fill you in if thats not what you're after. Trills are in the musical expressions menu, if I remember correctly. They appear as:


It's customary to put a wavy line after it, but it isn't necessary to get Finale to produce the effect. Just attach one of those suckers to the note you need trilled and you're in business!

It might change from version to version though...I just upgraded from Allegro 98 (!) to Finale 07 and everything is so different...:shock:

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Ah, that's tremolo. Put one of these:


on the note in question and it should come out in midi playback.

(By the way...each line you add subdivides the note an additional value. So, one line would be repeated 8ths, two lines repeated 16ths, etc.)

Hope this is what you're looking for!

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