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Shadowgate Entrance Techno ReMix


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Hi Ultimate, welcome to OCR. :D

This starts off too strong, there's no build up. It sounds a little chaotic overall, partly because of that filtered sweeping synth...thing, which doesn't add much to the composition IMO. The cymbal crashes seem kind of randomly placed, instead of deliberately for dramatic effect. Everything is muddy and hard to distinguish. The synth toms don't seem to fit with the rest of the mix, at least not with how often you use them. And beneath all this, it sticks pretty closely to the original source, without really engaging my attention with any of the traditional dance music staples: build ups, drops, change-ups, breakdowns etc.

The tempo change at 1:46 was unexpected and interesting. What comes afterwards shows you interpreting the source more than in the first half of the song, at least. I'm not sure how much I liked it, but I can appreciate that you were trying to interpret the source there. You need to do that more often throughout the entire mix if you are trying to meet OCR's standards. ;)

I think you should go back and work on pacing this song more deliberately, and being more liberal with your rearrangement of the source. The old Shadowgate remix "DeathRave" by Nines managed to take a very simple, repetitive source tune and turn it into a decent 5-minute dance anthem. It's not as refined as the current remixes being released, but it has a solid structure, good sense of pacing, etc.

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I think this http://ultimate9550.googlepages.com/home I submitted (it was rejected) was nice try, any suggestions should I start making great changes to it (it is propably too repetitive and close to original), or give up? What do you think of sound quality? Other things to notice?

It's not too repetitive and not close to the original, we have to be able to at least identify what song it is from the game. The sound quality is alright. Other things to notice: it's not creepy like in the game. You gotta capture that creepy feeling you get when you play the game. That song is of the stone hall that goes around the corner, so, it has to be like, "dare I look around the corner" kind of feeling.

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Firstly, let me be the first to say this isn't techno.

Firstly, it sounds like loops with no intro and what not. All techno has an intro - even if it is just the kick to mix in for sets. Not that I recommend doing it.

Right now, it just sounds like a bunch of ideas mashed together. Needs a bit more thought on how you want it to progress.

Edit - You don't have to have the same atmosphere as the game. If you want quirky cyber sound, go right ahead and do it. Hey, how else would that porno mario mix have come about?

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