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Question About Piracy Please Help ME.


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My friend and I are finally going to take the dive into modding our PS2s. We are going to import 3 games from ACE Game Store on Ebay

The guy supposedly lives in Canada and the item is supposedly Japanese. He has 99.1 positive feedback and all his negative feedback is due to shipping issues but the item is said to ship from Hong Kong. It has been told to me to not trust anything from Hong Kong. Has anyone had any personal business with this guy. Is is legit?

This is his store


Thanks alot. Your replies are most appreciated.

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Well I have no experience with this seller, but there are plenty of legit sellers in Hong Kong, China, wherever. I order stuff from China quite a bit. This guy seems to have a lot of positive feedback so why not go for it? If you are scared you can always buy from PlayAsia (http://www.play-asia.com/).

Also, I wouldn't consider playing imports piracy...

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