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  1. Well I do really enjoy your original compositions a lot. They have a really beautiful flair and never sound forced. I do think that your cover of Clockwork needs a lot of work. As it stands the song is much to close to the source material. There are some parts of the song that sounds muddled from 00:14 to 00:50 the whole passage sounds very rushed and the original notes are placed very awkward. This also stands true for the parts that repeat this part. The emptiness referred to earlier is the fact that you have a maximum of 3 instruments that play at any single time and there are some parts where one instrument stands alone and it makes the song sound very bare bones. Heres what I think you should do. -Diversify your arrangement It sounds to close to the original to qualify for the OCR remix standard. -Use some different instruments Everyone and their mother has a Clockwork remix and many of them have harpsichords and piano. What makes yours any different? -Work on your tempo Are you making a fast Clockwork track or a slow one. The tempo is rushed and jumbles up the song. -Listen to the source music more Break the song down and really hear what makes the song tick. Hear the spacing and pauses. They are especially important in this song. Keep working on it. I can tell by your other original songs that you have some awesome skills so just go for it. Be silly and experiment, work outside of the box. I hope I wasn't to harsh or anything. Happy Composing.
  2. The vocal intro is sorda weird and weak sounding but when the track finally goes forward its a very enjoyable remix. Ive always loved WC2 so Im glad to see some of its content redone. Keep on plugging. I dig it.
  3. I love this song so much. Its really fast and energetic and I'm really glad you focused on more than one theme from Booster's Tower. I'm not to good at giving critcism so Ill just leave it at I found it most enjoyable.
  4. I really enjoyed this one alot. It's hard to upgrade the material without making it sound strange or flat but this one really brings out the original well making it seem more aggressive. After a quarter of the way through the song some of the samples tend to get muddled but over all it works nicely. I like the note variations you put in and the solo is interesting too. Heres hoping for a Dee Jay or Cammy one Keep plugging
  5. Really sorry about the delay, lots of papers due and stuff and for some reason my new computer is lagging the recording by like a 10th of a second so everything is not syncing well for me. Ill try to get something over as soon as possible. Once again sorry.
  6. Hey sorry I havent sent a demo yet. I am sick and my voice hurts like a mother but rest assured by the end of the week I'll have a demo. Just wondering what file format do you prefer to be sent in?
  7. I'll give it a try gimme a couple of days and I'll see what I can do.
  8. I just took it. Interesting questions but it seems like some of the questions should have been split up.
  9. To anyones knowledge has there been a release of the Gauntlet Dark Legacy Soundtrack?? Im trying to find a place to buy it but its no where to be seen.
  10. Thanks evilhead. So now Ive finally got my fliptop on and Im playing massive quantities of Neo Geo Battle Coliseum and Garou Question for people who own KoF Orochi Collection. Does the music in the game continually cut out. I heard that this was a problem on the original '96 but the music cuts out far too frequently on all three games '95, '96, and '97. Any known fixes??
  11. Hey I just got this game and it plays wonderful but whats up with the music?? When ever I play a match (not just in '96) the music randomly cuts out. Is there any way to fix this?? Is this port doomed to be without music. Thanks in advance.
  12. Quick question: Is it necessary to know the TOC of a game if you own the original?? One guy said it gives an idea of what games need to be rebuilt. The more I read about Swap Magic 3.6 and cogs and elfs the more I get confused. Basically what Im interested in doing is putting in swap magic, pulling it out, sticking in said original japanese disc, and playing it. No back ups, nothing complicated.
  13. Importing. I thought of the same thing too. I think my fliptop is coming in tomorrow and I purchased NGBC and GMOTW and they are wonderful to look at. KOF XI is fucking elite and you can also give Melty Blood and Guilty Gear Accent Core a try. I vouch for the import. Lets list em Neo Geo Battle Coliseum Garou Mark of the Wolves King of Fighters XI King of Fighters Orochi Collection Darkstalkers Collection Melty Blood Act Cadenza Last Blade 1 & 2 just way better in my opinion.
  14. if you guys wann see a pro 2 player diy stick checkout this metal slug one http://www.ardnut.co.uk/mslug/ too cool
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