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Halloween in Haunted Woods (DKR + SML2 Medley)

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I blended Diddy Kong Racing and Super Mario Land 2 themes (or I tried).

Intro sounds like Diddy Kong Racing's one (laughing kids)

There would be a DKC ambiance too :???:

Feedback's welcome (good one would be better...:mrgreen: ) ;)

Ah, I am not as professional as you all of the forum :tomatoface:

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As far as the arrangement, I think the strongest point was the beginning (around 0:30) where you brought in your Haunted Woods interpretation on piano. I really think you should stick to the Haunted Woods theme...the rest seems really out of place and bizzare to me. It seems kinda like you took the shotgun approach to this piece, I think you could make this a lot better if you focus just on improving and reinterpreting the Hanuted Woods in several ways....scrap the other stuff in the middle, it just makes the mix seem spastic.

With your samples, the synth that comes in around 1:02 should have a bit more sustainto it, it sounds too stacatto. The strings that pop up at 1:19 are too loud IMO, and they seem to come in a bit early. When I heard it it made me think you were gonna go into some electronica or somethin like that; you should probably use a softer, more eerie, dreamy synth to keep the atmosphere. From 1:41 to 1:48 theres a lot of static on the higher notes of the piano. From 3:59 on, the texture is a lot thinner than it was in the beginning, work on more harmonies and fills for that section. A lot of work needs to be done, but Im sure its nothin u cant handle...good luck man : )

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