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Dream Theater's new album, "Systematic Chaos"


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I got my album a few days ago, and I think its awesome. Overall, I prefer it to Octavarium, but I liked certaint songs on Oct. better, like Octavarium and Sacrificed sons (prophet knows where its at).

My favourites were:

Constant Motion: Yes it is Metallica inspired, but that was only the verse, this is far better imo. The bits at 4.04 and 2:48 have intoxicated me, and the chorus is great fun.

The Dark Eternal Night: Crazy shit, I can't wait to attempt to learn this song when I have a decent tab to work with. I'm not the hugest fan of La Brie's vocals so I thought the verse was pretty cool. It wouldn't have worked without the distortion. I love the ridiculous intrumental parts to these songs, very impressive to listen to. The coolest bits for me were the fusiony bit at 4:01 and the Vai-style solo at 6:10.

I thought some of the songs were a bit weak, and a lot of the influences were really easy to spot, like Prophets of War has got Muse written all over it. 1:35 is basically Knights of Cydonia with random Queen vocals. Repentance, though it is a Pink Floyd cover in places, it was a very enjoyable song for me. I got the feeling it would be a much better song if Portnoy sung it based on the intro. Also the guitar solo in it is fantastic.

A lot of DT fans prefer the classic album, but aside from Scenes from a memory, I never really enjoyed them. SfaM kicked ass if you pretend the ending didn't exist. I'm really liking this and Octavarium. I definately wasn't dissapointed by this album. If you haven't got it yet, get the special edition with the DVD, its pretty damn funny is places. The highlight was La Brie singing prophets of war in a perfect indian accent.

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Meh, I'd take Systematic Chaos over Octavarium anyday. My favorite off the album has got to be The Dark Eternal Night just because of the instrumental piece. :D

EDIT: DEFINETLEY was not thinking. TDEN is good, but The Ministry of Lost Souls and the epic In The Presence Of Enemies are better. Forsaken might be better too.

Either way, none of these songs COME CLOSE to that off Images And Words

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