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OCR00748 - *YES* Final Fantasy 6 'Ruined Skies'

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Well, I'm here to submit another one of my own remixes. Are we still allowed to post right to the judge forum, DJP? If not, sorry. But I'll go ahead and do it anyway. The link is . Yeah, yeah, I know this ain't my best work, but I still think it's OC material. But I never feel comfortable voting on my own mix, so I'll let you guys decide, k?

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Dude, this is complete ass, I can't believe you even consider this music!

Only kidding. But I'm bored waiting for it to downlo- oh there we go.

Okay, well it's another Final Fantasy mix, so no. ;P

Kidding again. Well I'm really liking all the background stuff, but the intro seems to go on a bit long, where it's just background and then lone piano.

I don't care for the sample that comes in at 1:42, what is that? A muffled pipe or something? Ah well, chalk it up to preference.

4:08 :: Horrible transition. I didn't like that at all, it just like stopped, it felt like it tripped or hiccuped or something then changed up the song.

Okay, other than the above problems I personally have with it, I felt it was pretty good, albeit less interesting than I would have liked. Honestly half way through it I found myself skimming through it because I was bored, once again that can be chalked up to preference.

The only real problem I can see with it is the ugly transition I mentioned, I don't like it at all, and it doesn't seem proper, or intentional.

I'm saying yes, but I think it would sound much better if that were fixed up.

Vote: Yes

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Oh 6 mins, that's a long one!

I'm liking this drum beat, it's got vibe, and I really like the choir voices, it adds ambience. I'm not sure about the flute sound though, but it's probably just my taste.

From Saunder's post I thought that something was gonna jolt at 4.08, but it didn't seem like that to me at all. The only thing I would say is that in general I find violin samples a bit tricky to use, because you can hear the vibrato rate change with each different note.


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From the very get go the difference in dynamics shows that the person

working on this cares about the way the track sounds. It's an expressive

peice, and you can only be so expressive if you dont have a difference

of more than 10dB at any given point in the remix. I like the drum bits,

nice electronica feel, compliments the arp line in the background. The

soft piano, chorus, and wind instruments make a very nice constrast

against the obvious synth parts.


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