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Ice Cenotaph (Wario Land) WIP

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Off the bat, everything is really left-heavy as far as panning....you have the main instruments/synths on the left and the background stuff on the right...makes for a very unbalanced soundscape. The arrangement has potential, though i think more sounds would help to spice up the interest factor

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I agree. It's very heavy on the left. I keep leaning my head trying to compensate for it, but naturally that doesn't help. :wink: Then it gets more centered towards the middle of the song and then too much to the right at the end.

The melody synth you're using in the intro isn't that great. The one that comes in at 1:12 or so fits much better. Generally, if this is an ice level in the game, why not try some more bell-like instruments to make you feel like you're in an ice cave or something? Just a thought...

There's no transition worth mentioning at 00:57. When switching themes like that, try doing it a little more smoothly. This goes for the rest of the song too. Make the fade outs really fade out, don't cut them halfway.

1:58-3:07 feels a little strange. The melody and the accompaignment don't seem to fit and the melody bell there is very fifth-heavy (don't know if that's even a word but you get the idea).

The last section of the song is really the best as far as instrumentation goes, I think, but it's a little load - there's some glitching.

My best advice is to let this song lie untouched for a week or so, while you listen to some other music. Then go back and listen very closely to your own mix. I think you'll be able to point out things that could be improved on your own by then.

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