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Tetris Kuduro Mix - WIP

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It seems like there should be some pads in there to really fill in the soundscape, because as it is now, it feels empty. But naturally, don't overuse the pads or have them get too loud where it muddles things.

The snare is kinda boring.. The percussion in general could use some well placed effects. Or if you can't add effects and EQing to change them, maybe find some better samples all around.

The piano suffers the same thing. It sounds like there's no effects on it at all. You could try to change samples, add reverb, and add some frequency adjustments to it as well as some EQing to bring up the higher end. But right now it's just very blah.

The bass line that comes in early could have more emphasis to it. Be it lower bass, compressed, and or a different synth or even stacked samples playing together. It sounds like it could be a bass-heavy kind of song like, McVaffe's DeeJay's Caribbean Rave if you want to head that direction.

I'd try swapping out the echo on a lot of things you have for just reverb to give the song some background in the soundscape.

As well, the ending is quite abrupt, so much so it sounds like that organ's lasting echo sound gets cut off. Try to let that resolve out.

After covering whatever you'd like to out of my critique, re-render it and let's talk about it some more! :-)

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