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Tales of Phantasia-Freeze RMX progress

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Welcome to OCR! :wink:

Well... I'll try to give some of my impressions:

- Personally I don't like the 8-bit style of many instruments/samples/whatever-you-guys-call-them you use... more realistic ones are much better, IMHO

- Less reverb seems a nice idea

- I can't recall exactly the original tune, but it seems that you hadn't performed much arrangements over it; make sure you had, otherwise it won't be accepted, no matter how good is your remix

That's what I'm able to say. Wait for some tips to work over! :smile:

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First of all, take some to listen to some of the remixes on OCR to get a grab o the style... I don't know if you listen to OC remixes for some time or not. Pick some acclaimed mixes from nice remixers... like zircon, DarkeSword, Blue Magic, djpretzel, sephfire, snappleman... just to mention a few.

You probably like FF7 (aeris...), so I give you some personal suggestions:




Some other good mixes (from zircon):




About your mix, until you try some rework over it, some things I could say:

- 0:35-1:38 - same beat/rythm throughout, with some additions each one at a time... it was boring

- 1:58-2:06 - harmony missing (is that it?)

- 2:55-3:36 - a style quite different from the rest of the mix... I'm not sure if it fits

That's it! Try enhancements little by little, and keep asking for feedback!

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Yep, I've been a OCremix fan for quite a while now ^^ (for about 4 or 2 years...)

I finally joined the website a few days ago though.

Anyway, I want to be apart of it, since the music inspired me so much ^^

Okay! Thank you a whole bunch X3

I'm going to try to make this work as much as I can ;D

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