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Silent Hill - Not Tomorrow (and hint of Grandia II Granas Sanctuary)

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I took a gander inside my Silent Hill folder, clicked on Not Tomorrow which I'd already heard a dozen times, and somehow got inspiration to arrange it. About a quarter of my way through I felt like sneaking in a part of this other song from GRANDIA II called Granas Sanctuary. So here's an arrangement of Not Tomorrow (Lisa's Death) and Granas Sanctuary. I've also included the original songs.


The climax at the end is a little strange with all the stuff going on.

The version of NT in the rar is from the OST, which is not the whole song. If you don't mind seeing something really bloody and disgusting from the game, you can hear the parts I also arranged in THIS YOUTUBE VIDEO. No, wait, I found something better. It's someone playing it on the piano.

Oh...hey...look at that bassline at the end. I guess I didn't do something like that!!! Sounds fine, anyway. I played with the melody, instead. OKAY SHUT UP AND DOWNLOAD

edit: I'm guessing I could change the bassline here and there. I'm guessing others will agree, but feedback is great. Don't think I'd submit to OCR as it is.

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Nice man! Very good so far!

Only two things I don't liked:

- 0:17-0:22 : the "transpose" variations were nice, but not these ones, IMHO

- the ending : simply stop playing is not an ending for me... give it a real conclusion ;-)

If you had a little more inspiration, a slightly longer mix would be good.

Keep it up! :-D

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Weird that you didn't think it works as a real ending. I got a suggestion to slow down the tempo, but I don't have a problem with ending it in such a fashion. I'll still give it some more thought.

The key changes were really random, yes.

I still think I need to change the bassline, and especially the melody, somewhat, during the finale (before the piano-solo ending happens) to fit with the completely new involvements I gave the song by introducing those samples. I don't know what to do to make it longer, though. Maybe playing with the bassline would give me ideas on how to do that.

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