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SGX is back again, this time with a rather unique track, which he has recorded LIVE with Abelton LIVE 6 Freestyle gives us a nice mixture of Trance and Breakbeats, Epic melodies and rough edges. Expect similar releases in the future.


reunion.sgxmusic.com/SGX-FRST.MP3 <-- US mirror

www.liquiddog.net/reunion/SGX-FRST.MP3 <--- EU mirror


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Glad you guys like it. I'm copy pasting some junk I blabbed about this song on my forum:

It is a cool track...I just had some problems with it that were frustrating, plus I felt it wasn't going to gel with the rest of the tracks I'm brewing for the next album.

The problems were mostly that while I like most of the elements in it, I only LIKE most of the elements. I try to either REALLY like or LOVE almost piece of a track I do. I do LOVE the huge saw synth arpeggio riff. The rest of it mostly just seems like a vehicle for the saw riff. I like the bass, but I was trying to make it so I LOVE it, spent like 3 hours tweaking, thought I had something awesome, saved my progress, then listened to it in context with the rest of the track and my love turned to hate. Poo. Sometimes that happens. No biggie. But I saved over my old bass synth settings. SGX, you stupid fuck! I tried and tried to rebuild the old synth but couldn't figure out what I had done! So, now I have a crippled bass synth. All I have left from before that was a render I did of a live jam I did with the song. It is an 8 minute, somewhat repetitive jam-fest with like 4 minutes of indulgent synth keyboard soloing by yours truly. It was a live performance - In real time, I arranged the loop pieces I had made previously, modulated some filter cutoffs and other effects with knobs, and played the solos. I wasn't intending for it to be heard than anyone other than a few select internet buds, but it is pretty cool and it is all I have left without putting in a lot of work to overhaul all the things I don't love.

Usually that work would be worth it, but I've decided not to put this on my next album. The next album is really beginning to get a distinct sound...an SGX style that is more identifiable than my older stuff. I'm very happy about this. Previously, I sort of just tried random genres, sort of flexing and building my song-making muscles. I made cool stuff, sure, but I feel like Chroma and Synesthetic are big mish-mashes of tones, styles, genres and ultimately not very cohesive works as albums. Variety is good, yes, but I feel that focus will make my next album stronger as a whole musical idea, or artistic 'statement'. The new album will still have a variety of genres and styles, but I feel the tone and feelings it produces in myself at least, are more focused, coherent and powerful because of it.

This track I'm releasing is too upbeat, poppy, 'happy.' I like it. But it just doesn't fit. It would stick out like a biotch if I included it, and it would take me a lot of work to overhaul into something I'm happy with.

So, next friday, you can enjoy some rough-around-the-edges SGX jammage. 8 minutes of it. It may resurface in the future, following a TOTAL re-imagining. If I do get back to it, I expect to take my awesome synth riff I mentioned earlier and TRASH every other element. I'll make a new track around the synth riff. This may not be the last you'll see of this track!

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