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Warhammer Shadow of the Horned Rat - Orchestral


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String samples and mixing are great (brass is good but is a bit too buzzy with not enough tone; Just add a round-sounding horn into the mix and it'd be a great sound IMO), but I couldn't help but think that the intro was just an ever-escalating chord progression. Even a simple melody over this with a few passing tones would help add some excitement. A horn melody comes in near the change, but there should be something going on earlier as well. Perhaps some woodwinds?

The rhythmic section it breaks into is cool, but also suffers from being just a repetition, though the melody for this comes in much earlier. Something to try would be after the first run through would be to vary the chords for the B section.

Ending is too abrupt and anticlimactic, it sounds like the repetition was getting to you too.

This has a good start, it's too bad no one has commented yet.

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