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the OST incentive


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Basically, this is 7 tracks from a playaround project with 2 extra songs from (wow) Extras. Most of the Extras are simply things my father would urge me to create during some visits or disconnected and very singular expirements or songs. The OST incenteve is a collection of themes and ideas revolving around individual game music concepts. This is a stub release, but i've scrapped/ignored many older tracks. if you enjoy any of these, let me know. questions, comments, and concerns are appreciated.

hell, if you can convince me, i might do some requests (not doing remixes right now).

anyways, here's the link. it's a .rar file:


if you're interested, visit my myspacemusic page at:


if you need a friend, just ask. i had to start from scratch some time back, due to the deletion of my old account (without my consent...), so i'm desperate for REAL people as friends. i keep putting a miniplayer on the page for the other songs, but it's crap, soooo, only four tracks available for listen, as opposed to the prior 15 attempted. eh.

have fun and peace out.

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