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OCR00778 - *YES* Donkey Kong Country 'Blue Vision' *FT*

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Hey orkybash! bLiNd here (temple trance and dreamofzeal). I know you dont know if this was lost in dj pretzels submission box but i submitted it over 6 weeks ago. I noticed you said you would see what you can do about it on the judges decision boards. Even if you can't do much its alright, but here it is anyway.

Donkey Kong Country - Blue Vision

Remixer - bLiNd (Jordan Aguirre)

almost all the other info is in the ID3v2 tag and on that page link.

I appreciate a anything you can do, even just a reply to this email, thanks! -Jordan

This is probably the last remix I'll post directly until some of them get cleared out.

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Oooh, well I certainly like the way it starts.

Something I was expecting from this guy, I loved his Zelda Temple mix.

Anyway, I'm trying my damnedest to pick something out of this mix that's bad.

Oh! There it is, a sample that I don't like.. much.. well, it's.. okay.. damnit.

Nothing I don't like.

Vote: Yes

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I want to reject this song. I feel like the main character from fight club (whose name, by the way, is NOT Jack; check the credits) before he goes psycho on the blonde kid and scars his face up real nice.

Anyway, the song isn't playing yet...

Here we go.

Oh goodie. another person attempts to screw up a good song. Hope this guy does a better job than other people have.

Atmospherically speaking, this is nice. But that's mostly because it's used the same samples from the original. I'm not sure what credit I can give to that. I do like the interpretation, and the fact that it doesn't butcher the original too badly. Ok, that lead is a little annoying, considering the mood of the rest of the song, but I suppose he felt he needed to alter something. I'm kind of torn here.

The song DOES sound good here, but I'm not sure whether it's because of the original material, or because of something new.

Nope, the ending is great.


Congrats blind, you're the first YES of the day. Thanks for giving me the inspiration to wade through the other muck that ends up in the judges department!


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